British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Bernewitz, John De

By: Ron McGuigan

Bernewitz, John De (Johann Heinrich Karl von Bernewitz) (27 December 1760 - 13 December 1821)

Styled John De Bernewitz only while in British Service.

Entered Brunswick Army:  Ensign in Specht’s Regiment 1775, Lieutenant in Riedesel’s Regiment 1783, Captain in Prinz Friedrich’s Regiment 1793,  Staff Captain 1795, Major in von Griesheim’s Regiment 1805, Colonel 1809.  Entered British Service with temporary rank: Lieutenant Colonel Brunswick-Oel's Corps 1811,  Brevet Colonel 1811 [antedated to 1809], Major General Peninsula 1811, Major General 1812. Major General in Brunswick Service 1813, Lieutenant General in Brunswick Service.

Early Service: North America 1776-1783 and prisoner of war 1777-1780. Prisoner of war 1806 and retired on pension when Brunswick Army disbanded 1807. Refused to serve in Westphalian Army. Commanded Brunswick forces during rebellion of Duke Frederick of Brunswick  in Austria, Saxony and Westphalia 1809. 

Peninsular War: Commanded brigade 7th Division December 1811-September 1812 and November 1812-April 1813. Temporarily commanded 7th Division September-October 1812.

Other Service: On staff on the continent forming newly raised Brunswick Army  1814-1815. Died as the Commandant of  Brunswick.

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