British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Smith, Haviland

By: Ron McGuigan

Smith, Haviland (1773? - 1817)

Son of Captain Thomas Smith and younger brother of Colonel Sir George Smith.

Ensign 57th Foot 1783, Half-pay 1791, Lieutenant Independent Company 1791, Half-pay 1791,  Lieutenant 25th Foot 1792, Captain Independent Company 1794, Captain 25th Foot 1795, Major in Major G. Smith's Regiment of Foot in Corsica* 1795, Half-pay 1797, Major 27th Foot 1800, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 1800, Lieutenant Colonel 27th Foot 1805,  Brevet Colonel 1810, Brigadier General on the Staff 1813,  Major General 1813.

* variously named Corsican Regiment, The Union Regiment of Foot, disbanded 1797.

Early service: Toulon, Brigade Major continent 1794,  Corsica 1795, Malta 1800-1801, Egypt 1801, Malta 1801-1805, Sicily 1805-1813 and at Maida 1806. 

Peninsular War: Commanded a brigade and then a division on the East Coast of Spain 1812-1814. Commanded brigade ordered to join the Peninsular Army from the breakup of  the force on the East Coast of Spain 1814, however war ended before he joined.

Other Service: on staff Ionian Islands 1816-1817  and died at Corfu 1817.


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