British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Beckwith, George

By: Ron McGuigan

Beckwith, George (1753 - 20 March 1823)

Son of Major General John Beckwith. Younger brother of Captain John Beckwith and older brother of  Brigadier General Ferdinand Beckwith, Major General William Henry Beckwith  and Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Sydney Beckwith.

Ensign 37th Foot, 1771, Lieutenant 37th Foot 1775, Captain-Lieutenant 37th Foot 1777, Captain 37th Foot  1778, Brevet Major 1781, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 1790,  Brevet Colonel 1795,  Major General 1798, Lieutenant General 1805, General 1814.

Early Service: North America 1776-1783 and Aide-de-Camp. Aide-de-Camp British North America 1786-1796 and acted as agent of the consulate, North America 1787-1791.

Service 1793-1815: Adjutant-General in North America 1793, Governor and then on the staff of Bermuda 1797-1803, on the Home Staff 1803-1804, Governor of St. Vincent 1804-1808, Governor of Barbadoes 1808-1814 and  Commander-in-Chief West Indies 1808-1814, captured Martinique 1809 and Guadeloupe, St. Martin’s and St. Eustatius 1810.

Later Service: Commander-in-Chief Ireland 1816-1820.

KB 1809. GCB 1815.

Colonel of the 6th Garrison Battalion 1806-1809, 2nd West India Regiment 1809-1818, 89th Foot 1818-1823.


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