British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Doyle, John

By: Ron McGuigan

Doyle, John (1750 or 1756 - 8 August 1834)

Brother of Major General Welbore Ellis Doyle.

Ensign 48th Foot 1771, Lieutenant 48th Foot 1773, Lieutenant 40th Foot 1775, Provincial Captain Volunteers of Ireland* 1778, Provincial Major Volunteers of Ireland* 1781, Major 105th Foot* 1782, Half pay 1784,  Lieutenant Colonel 87th 1793,  Brevet Colonel 1796   Brigadier General Gibraltar 1798, Major General 1802, Lieutenant General Guernsey 1805, Lieutenant General 1808, General 1819.

* Provincial Regiment taken on regular establishment and renamed 105th Foot 1782 and disbanded 1784.

Early Service: North America 1775-1783 later Brigade Major, an acting Adjutant-General and wounded three times.

Service 1793-1815: Flanders 1793-1794 and wounded. Under Secretary for the Military Department Ireland 1795-1799, served Gibraltar, Minorca and Malta 1799-1800, Egypt 1801-1802,  Lieutenant Governor Guernsey 1804-1815.

Irish MP 1783-1799.  MP 1806-1807

KB 1813. GCB 1815. Created a baronet 1805.

Awarded  Ottoman Knighthood as Knight of the Imperial Order of the Crescent for his services in Egypt.  His knighthood was apparently  recognized by British Authorities, July 1803,  as he had received His Majesty’s Royal Licence  prior to the 1812 & 1813 regulations on receiving Foreign Decorations. This entitled him to rank as a Knight Bachelor and to be called Sir, although he was not made a British Knight.

Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, Colonel Commandant and Colonel of the 87th Foot 1793-1834


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