British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Moira, Francis Rawdon-Hastings 2nd Earl of

By: Ron McGuigan

Moira, Francis Rawdon-Hastings 2nd Earl of (7/9 December 1754 - 28 November 1826)

Eldest son of 1st Earl of Moira. Brother of Captain John Rawdon and Major George Rawdon..

Styled as Lord Rawdon 1761-1793 and as Lord Moira 1793-1817.

Changed name to Rawdon-Hastings 1790.

Ensign 15th Foot 1771, Lieutenant 5th Foot 1773, Captain 63rd Foot 1775,  Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 1778,  Lieutenant Colonel 105th Foot* 1782, Brevet Colonel 1782, Major General 1793, Lieutenant General Continent 1793,  Lieutenant General 1798, General 1803.

*Provincial Regiment taken on regular establishment and renamed 105th Foot 1782 and disbanded 1784.

Early Service: North America 1774-1781 as Aide-de-Camp and Adjutant General 1778 and served as Provincial Colonel in the Volunteers of Ireland 1778-1782. Captured on passage home and a prisoner of war 1781. 

Service 1793-1815: Flanders 1793-1794. Commander-in-Chief Scotland 1803-1806. Master-General of the Ordnance 1806-1807,  Constable of the Tower 1806-1826. Captain-General and Governor-General India 1813-1823 and Nepal War 1814.

Later Service: Captain-General commanded in Pindaris War 1817-1819. Governor of Malta 1824-1826. 

MP Irish Parliament 1780-1783.  Aide-de-Camp to the King 1782.

KG 1812. GCB 1818. GCH 1818. Created Baron Rawdon of Rawdon 1783. Succeeded as 5th Baronet and 2nd Earl of Moira 1793. Created 1st Marquess of Hastings 1816.

Lieutenant Colonel Commandant and Colonel of the Volunteers of Ireland (later 105th Foot) 1777-1784, 27th Foot 1804-1826.


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