British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Proby, John

By: Ron McGuigan

Proby, John (1780 - 11 June 1855)

2nd son of 1st Earl of Carysfort. Younger brother of Captain William Proby Lord Proby RN and older brother of Admiral Grenville Proby 3rd Earl of Carysfort.

Styled as Lord Proby 1804-1828.

Ensign 10th Foot 1795, Lieutenant 10th Foot 1795, Lieutenant 9th Foot 1795, Captain 81st Foot 1798, Major 1st Foot 1802,  Lieutenant Colonel in Dillon’s Regiment* 1803, Captain & Lieutenant Colonel 1st Foot Guards 1803, Brevet Colonel 1812,  Brigadier General on the Staff 1814, Major General 1814, Lieutenant General 1830, General 1846.

*disbanded 1814.

Early Service: Secretary to Military Mission with Austrian Army, Continent 1796-1797 Aide-de-Camp Ireland 1798,  with Military Mission to Russian and Austrian Armies 1798-1799, Aide-de-Camp Egypt 1800-1802, Deputy Adjutant-General Sicily 1806-1807, Deputy Quartermaster-General Baltic 1808.

Portugal & Spain: Assistant Quartermaster-General Portugal and Spain 1808-1809 and a British Commissioner for Convention of Cintra 1808 and at Corunna 1809.

Peninsular War: Cadiz 1811 and at siege of Tarifa 1811-1812. With regiment 1812-1813.

Other Service: Walcheren 1809. Commanded brigade Continent 1813-1814 and at Bergen-op-Zoom 1814.

MP 1805-1818.  Succeeded as 2nd Earl of Carysfort 1828.


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