British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Acland, Wroth Palmer

By: Ron McGuigan

Acland, Wroth Palmer (1770 - 8 March 1816)

Also shown in some Army Lists as William Palmer Acland.

Ensign 17th Foot 1787, Lieutenant 17th Foot 1790, Captain Independent Company 1791, Half-pay 1791-1793, Captain 3rd Foot 1793, Major 19th Foot 1795, Lieutenant Colonel 19th Foot 1795, Captain and Lieutenant Colonel 2nd Foot Guards 1800, Brevet Colonel 1803, Brigadier General on the Staff 1804-1810,  Major General 1810,  Lieutenant General 1814.

Early service: Flanders 1793, Ceylon 1796, Egypt 1801, on Home Staff 1805, Sicily 1805-1806 and brigade at  Maida 1806.  Commanded brigade Home Staff 1808.

Portugal & Spain: Commanded 8th Brigade Portugal and at Vimeiro 1808. Commanded brigade Portugal 1808. Commanded brigade with army for Spain, but left army before advance into Spain 1808.

Peninsular War: Ill-health prevented his accepting an appointment in the peninsula.

Other service: Commanded a brigade on Walcheren 1809. On Home Staff 1810-1814.

KCB 1815. Colonel Commandant of 1st Battalion 60th Foot 1815-1816. 


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