British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Paget, Henry William

By: Ron McGuigan

Paget, Henry William, LORD PAGET (17 May 1768 - 29 April 1854)

Eldest son of 1st Earl of Uxbridge. Older brother of Captain William Paget RN, General Sir Edward Paget, Major Berkeley Paget and Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Paget RN.

Styled as Lord Paget 1784-1812.

Captain Staffordshire Militia 1792, Lieutenant 7th Foot* 1795, Captain 23rd Foot* 1795, Major 65th Foot* 1795, Temporary Lieutenant Colonel 80th Foot 1793, Lieutenant Colonel 80th Foot 1795, Lieutenant Colonel 16th Light Dragoons 1795, Lieutenant Colonel 7th Light Dragoons 1797, Brevet Colonel 1796, Major General 1802, Lieutenant General 1808,  General 1819,  Field Marshal 1846. * all ranks purchased in 1795 to ensure permanent rank in the army under the new regulations.

Early service: Flanders  1794-1795, cavalry brigade Helder 1799. On Home Staff 1805.

Portugal & Spain: Commanded cavalry in Portugal 1808. Commanded cavalry in Spain 1808-1809 and at Corunna 1809.

Peninsular War: Declined command of the cavalry 1811.

Other Service: On the Home Staff for various periods. Commanded Division on Walcheren 1809. Commanded cavalry Flanders and wounded at Waterloo 1815. Master General of the Ordnance 1827-1828, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1828-1829, 1830-1833 and Master General of the Ordnance 1846-1852.

GCB 1815. GCH 1816. KG 1818. Succeeded as 4th Baronet 1812. Succeeded as 2nd Earl of Uxbridge 1812. Created Marquess of Anglesey 1815. MP 1790-1804, 1806-1810.  Lord Lieutenant of Anglesey 1812-1854 and  Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire 1849-1854.  Lieutenant Colonel-Commandant and Colonel-Commandant of 80th Foot 1793-1795, Colonel of  7th Light Dragoons 1801-1842, Royal Horse Guards 1842-1854.


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