British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
, William Carr

By: Ron McGuigan

Beresford, William Carr (2 October 1768 - 8 January 1854)

Marshal William Beresford

Marshal William Beresford

Referred to as Carr Beresford in the army lists. Natural son of 1st Marquess of Waterford. Younger brother of Admiral Sir John Beresford and older half-brother of General  Lord George Beresford.

Ensign 6th Foot 1785, Lieutenant 16th Foot 1789, Captain Independent Company 1791, Captain 69th Foot 1792, Major 69th Foot 1794, Lieutenant Colonel 124th Foot* 1794, Lieutenant Colonel  88th Foot 1795 , Brevet Colonel 1800, Brigadier General on the Staff 1804-1808, Major General 1808, Lieutenant General Peninsula 1809, Lieutenant General 1812, General 1825.

* disbanded 1795.

Served in Portuguese Service 1809-1822. Promoted Marshal of the Army 1809.

Early service: British North America 1786-1790, Toulon 1793, Corsica 1794, West Indies 1795, India 1800 and a brigade with force from India in Egypt 1801-1803.  On staff Ireland 1805. Brigade at capture of Cape of Good Hope 1806. Captured Buenos Aires 1806 and was himself taken prisoner when it was retaken. Escaped 1807. Commanded on Madeira as temporary Major General 1807-1808.

Portugal & Spain: Commanded brigade Portugal 1808 and a brigade Spain 1808-1809 and at Corunna 1809.

Peninsular War: Commander-in-Chief of Portuguese Army 1809-1814. Commanded a detached corps January - May 1811 and commanded at first siege of Badajoz and at Albuera 1811. Wounded at Salamanca July 1812. Commanded a Corps at different periods 1813 -1814. 

Other Service: Commanded Portuguese Army 1814-1822. Defeated a  rebellion in Portuguese Colony of Brazil 1817. Lieutenant General of the Ordnance 1823-1824, Master General of the Ordnance 1828-1830.

MP 1811-1814.  KB 1810. GCB 1815. GCH 1818.  Created Baron Beresford 1814. Created Viscount Beresford 1823.  Created Conde de Trancoso and Marquez de Campo Maior in Portuguese Peerage. Created Duque de Elvas in Spanish Peerage. Lieutenant Colonel Commandant 124th Foot 1794-1795. Colonel of 88th Foot 1807-1819, 69th Foot 1819-1823, 16th Foot 1823-1854, Colonel-in-Chief of 60th Foot 1852-1854.


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