British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Wilson, Robert Thomas

By: Ron McGuigan


Wilson, Robert  Thomas (17 August 1777 - 9 May 1849)

Volunteer 1793, Cornet 15th  Light Dragoons 1794, Lieutenant 15th Light Dragoons 1794, Captain 15th Light Dragoons 1796, Major Hompesch's Mounted Rifles* 1800, Lieutenant-Colonel Hompesch's Mounted Rifles* 1802, Half-pay 1802-1804, Lieutenant Colonel 19th Light Dragoons 1804, Lieutenant Colonel 20th Light Dragoons 1805, Lieutenant Colonel 22nd Light Dragoons 1812, Brevet Colonel 1810, Major General 1813. Dismissed from the army 1821. Reinstated  as Major General 1830,  Lieutenant General 1830 [antedated to 1825], General 1841.

* disbanded 1802.

Served in Portuguese Service 1808-1809. Promoted Brigadier General 1808. 

Early Service: Flanders 1793-1794. Brigade Major & Aide De Camp Ireland 1798, Helder 1799, Egypt 1801, Inspector of Yeomanry Home Staff 1802-1804, Cape of Good Hope 1805-1806. On staff of mission to Prussia 1806-1807 and at Eylau, Heilsburg and Friedland.

Portugal & Spain: Raised and commanded Lusitanian Legion Portugal and Spain 1808-1809.

Peninsular War: Commanded brigades of the Portuguese Army 1809.

Other Service: Brigadier on staff of mission to Ottoman Empire 1812-1813. British Commissioner to Russian Army 1812-1813 and at Lautzen, Bautzen and Kulm. British Commissioner to Austrian Army Continent 1813 and at Leipzig. British Commissioner to Austrian Army Italy 1813-1814. Governor and Commander-in-Chief Gibraltar 1842-1849.

Aide De Camp to the King 1810.

MP 1818-1831.

Awarded  Austrian Knighthood as Knight of the Order of Maria Theresa  for his service at Villers-en-Cauchies 1794. His knighthood was apparently  recognized by British Authorities, June 1801,  as he had received His Majesty’s Royal Licence  prior to the 1812 & 1813 regulations on receiving Foreign Decorations. This entitled him to rank as a Knight Bachelor and to be called Sir, although he was not made a British Knight.

Made Baron of the Holy Roman Empire in Austria 1800.

Colonel of the 15th Hussars 1835-1849.



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