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Colonels of Napoleon, 1804-1815 Annex I: Table by the Arms of Service: Chevau-légers (Lanciers during the Hundred Days)   Regiments Transformed from the 1st and 2nd Vistula Regiments and the 30th Chasseurs-à-Cheval

By Eman Vovsi

These regiments were disbanded in 1814 upon the First Restoration.  


Date of Creation

Colonels on the Moment of Creation of the Regiment

Named Colonels for the Period 6/19/1804 – 4/06/1814

7 6/18/1811 KONOPKA (G.Br. 8/06/1811) STOKOWSKI 10/13/1811, TANSKI 7/02/1813
8 6/18/1811 LUBIENSKI (G.Br. 3/15/1814)  
9 6/18/1811 GOBRECHT (G.Br. 7/18/1813) FREDRO 8/05/1813, HUG 9/26/1813


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