Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Bose, Karl August Joseph Freiherr von

By: Digby Smith


Bose, Karl August Joseph Freiherr von. (1244). Born on 28 March 1763 in Helba, Kreis Meiningen, central northern Germany; his father, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm, was Herr auf Helba and an Obstlt in the Saxe-Meiningen ducal armed forces. On 1 March 1774 he entered the service of the Elector of Saxony as a Kadett in Dresden; on 23 November 1778 he was promoted to Kpl and on 16 January 1781 he was commissioned as a Souslieutenant in the Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde. On 30 August 1789 he was promoted to Prlt. In the war against France in 1794/5 he fought at the battle of Kaiserslautern and the clash at Hornburg. In 1794 he was appointed ADC to General von Rechten and on 27 September 1800 he was promoted to Kpt. On 20 March 1809 he was promoted to Maj. In the war against Austria that year, he fought with distinction in the clashes at Linz, Nussdorf and the battle of Wagram where he won the Saxon Militär-Verdienst-Orden Ch. On 31 October 1810 he was promoted to Obstlt and appointed FlAdj. On 12 May 1811 he was promoted to Obst and GenAdj to the king of Saxony. On 22 March 1813 he was appointed to be CO, 2.Light IR and on 6 May 1813 to be CO, 2.Bde. On 21 September 1813 he was promoted to GM. In the Wars of Liberation he fought at the battles of Gross-Beeren, Bautzen, Dennewitz and Leipzig, the clashes at Reichenbach, Wittstock, Goerlitz, Arnoldsmühle and Marktzahna, the sieges of Philippsville, Marienburg, Givet, Mezieres and Montmedy. On 13 March 1815 he left Saxon service and transferred to Prussian service as GM on the suite of the army with a commission dated from 28 December 1813. On 23 May 1815 he was appointed GOC, 8. Bde, II Corps. On 30 October 1815 he received a gift of Thlr 2,000 from the king; on 23 November 1815 he was appointed Insp Gen of the LW in the province of Cleve. On 16 January 1818 he was awarded the RAO III. On 22 February 1820 he was made Commandant of Schweidnitz fortress (now Swidnice). On 30 March 1820 he was promoted to GL, and on 13 June 1825 he retired with the award of the RAO I. Von Bose died on 10 Jul 1826 in Salzbrunn, (now Szczawno-Zdroj, southwest of Swidnice) Silesia.


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