Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Strachwitz, Christian Georg Ludwig von

Strachwitz, Christian Georg Ludwig von (66/980)

Born in 1740 in Spandau, west of Berlin, to Obstlt David Ludwig von Strachwitz, then commandant of the fortress. He entered Prussian military service in 1756 as Gfkpl in the IR von Schultze Nr 29. From 1756 to 1763, he fought in the Seven Years War at the battles of Prague, Kolin (where he was wounded), Breslau, Kunersdorf (again wounded) and Liegnitz and at the sieges of Prague and Schweinditz. On 10 May 1757, he was promoted to Frch, and on 26 March 1759, was commissioned as Sklt. On 30 December 1763, he was promoted to Prlt, and on 28 August 1776, to Stkpt. From 1778 to 1779, he served in the war with of the Bavarian Succession against Austria. On 15 June 1778, he was promoted to Kpt and Kiech in the IR von Flemming Nr 29, and on 21 August 1784, he was promoted to Maj and appointed to command the Gren Bn of the regiments 37 and 42. On 19 June 1790, he was given command of the 2nd Bn of IR von Wolfframsdorff Nr 37. On 20 May 1792, he was promoted to Obstlt. In the war with France from 1792 to 1795, he served at the sieges of Longwy, Verdun, Mainz, in the battles of Pirmasens, Kaiserslautern and the clashes of Frankenthal and Kreuznach. On 22 July 1793, he won the PLM at the siege of Mainz, and on 7 January 1794, he was promoted to Obst. On 14 February 1799, he was appointed Chef of IR von Kunitzky Nr 44, and on 20 May 1799, was promoted to GM. On 24 January 1803, he was appointed Chef of IR Graf Wartensleben Nr 43. On 9 January 1806, he was appointed to command Nienburg fortress, but on 26 November of that year, he surrendered the place to Gen Savary`s Dutch division without a shot having been fired. He was court martialled, and on 9 December 1809, cashiered and sentenced to four years arrest in Glatz fortress. He died there on 22 December 1812.

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