Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Stutterheim, Ludwig August Wilhelm von

Stutterheim, Ludwig August Wilhelm von (1116)

Born on 4 June 1751 into an old Prussian family in Köslin in Pomerania; his father, Joachim Friedrich, was a general. On 4 February 1764, he entered Prussian military service as Gfkpl in the IR von Stutterheim Nr 30; on 4 February 1765, he was promoted to Pfrch, and on 19 September 1766, to Frch. On 30 January 1770, he was commissioned as Sklt; on 29 January 1773, he was transferred to IR von Luck Nr 53 as Prlt, and on 10 June 1776, was promoted to Stkpt. He fought in the War of the Bavarian Succession in 1778/9, at the clashes of Zückmantel, Neustadt, Glatz and Silberberg. On 1 July 1778, he was promoted to Kpt and Kiech. On 2 April 1798, he was again transferred to IR von Koschembar Nr 55, and on 4 July 1790, he was promoted to Maj. In 1794-5, he served in the war in Poland in the clash of Rawka, the relief of Thorn and the siege of Warsaw. On 29 Aug 1794, he was awarded the PLM for his actions at Warsaw. On 14 November 1795, he was appointed Chef of the newly raised Füs Bn Nr 21 in the 2.Ostpr.Füs Bde, and on 21 July 1798, was promoted to Obstlt. On 4 June 1800, he was promoted to Obst. In the war of 1806/7 he was one of the few who upheld Prussia`s honour and was very distinguished in the battle of Preussisch-Eylau and also fought at Schippenbeil on the Passarge and at Heilsberg. On 5 March 1807, he was promoted to GM, and on 20 November 1807, was appointed to be a member of the Untersuchungskommission (Commission of Investigation); he was friendy with von Scharnhorst and von Yorck and belonged to the ring of the few enlightened officers in the Prussian army. On 24 December 1807, he was appointed Chef of the IR von Besser Nr 14 (later the 3.Ostpr IR Nr 4). On 5 May 1808, he was awarded the Russian OStA, and on 25 April 1808, was given command of the Ostpr Bde. On 4 July 1809, he was awarded the RAO, and on 11 December 1809, was appointed Governor of Königsberg in East Prussia. On the 26 of that same month, he was appointed Chef of the 1.Ostpr IR Nr 1. On 26 November 1811, he retired as GL with a pension of Thlr 1,000 p.a. In 1813 he offered to raise and lead a corps of Cossacks but instead, Friedrich Wilhelm III appointed him governor of the area between the Oder and the Vistula and he contributed much to the raising of the LW and Reserve formations there. After the 1814 campaign he became governor of Königsberg again. On 1 April 1815 he was appointed governor of Prussia, but on 3 October 1815, he reverted to his previous post. On 13 June 1825 he retired for the second time with the award of the SAO; he died on 13 October 1826 in Königsberg.


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