Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Treuenfels, Wilhelm Karl von

Treuenfels, Wilhelm Karl von (41/958)

Born in October 1740 in Ober-Kauffingen in Hessen-Kassel, central western Germany, his father was a Hessian Rittmeister. In 1757, he entered Hessen-Kassel service in the Garde as a private and served in the Seven Years War against France at the battles of Hastenbeck, Bergen and Minden; the clashes of Coesfeld, Lutter am Barenberge, Vellinghausen, Friedberg, Grebenstein and the sieges of Marburg, Wesel and Ziegenhain, where he was wounded. In 1758, he was promoted to Sgt in the Hessian IR von Toll, and on 5 July 1759, was appointed Frch in the Garde. On 27 April 1760, he was commissioned as Sklt in the 4. Bn Garde, and in 1767, was promoted to Prlt in the 2. Bn Garde. In 1768, he was transferred to IR Prinz Karl, and in 1770, he was promoted to Stkpt and transferred to the Leibfüsilier-R. In January 1774, he resigned from Hessian service, and on 4 February 1774 - entered Prussian service as Kpt and Kiech in the IR von Rohr Nr 54. In 1778 – 1779, he served in the war with Austria, and on 10 March 1784, was promoted to Maj. On 7 Decenber 1784, he was given command of the 1. Bn of his regiment. On 27 Jul 17??, he transferred to command the 2. Bn of the regiment. On 27 May 1791, he was promoted to Obstlt, and on 25 August 1792, was appointed to command the IR von Bonin Nr 54. On 11 February 1793, he was promoted Obst and in 1794, he served in Poland at the clash of Warsaw, where he was wounded and captured. He was then exchanged. On 1 March 1798, he was appointed Chef of the IR von Wendessen Nr 29, and on 11 June 1798, was promoted to GM. In 1806 he was wounded at Jena on 14 October, in command of part of Rüchel`s corps. On 26 August 1808, he retired as GL with a half pension of 600 Thlr. On 22 February 1810, he received a present of 600 Thlr. On 7 March 1810, his pension was increased by 200 Thlr. He died on 15 Jun 1813, in Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland).


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