Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Usedom, Friedrich Leopold Karl Bernhard Ludwig von

Usedom, Friedrich Leopold Karl Bernhard Ludwig von (1074)

Born on 14 April 1756 in Venzvitz on the island of Rügen in the Baltic; his father was a major in Swedish service. In 1768, he entered Prussian military service as a Junker, in the HusR von Lossow Nr 5, and on 28 June 1769, was commissioned as Kornett. On 17 June 1771, he was promoted Sklt, and on 7 September 1778, was promoted Prlt. He served in the 1778 - 1779 war with Austria and fought with distinction in the clash at Jaromir. On 9 June 1785, he was promoted to Strtmstr, and on 24 August 1785, toRtmstr and ChEs in HusR Prinz Eugen von Würrtemberg Nr 4. On 15 October 1786, he was awarded the PLM. On 18 March 1787, he received the Inkolat (acceptance) into the Silesian aristocracy. On 19 July 1787, he was promoted to Maj; he ensured that the men under his command were always well prepared for action. He fought in the war of 1794/5 against Poland, in the battle of Rawka and the capture of Warsaw. On 20 June 1794 - received the `Expektanz auf eine Präbende beim Stift zu Kamin` (a stipend) and was entitled to wear the cross of the abbey of Kamin. On 29 August 1794, he was promoted Obstlt, and on 27 January 1795, was appointed to command of the HusR Herzog Eugen von Württemberg Nr 4. In 1797 the king gave him the Starostei Trokiany estate in Kreis Bialystock (now northeaster Poland) with several villages. On 3 December 1804, he was appointed Chef of  HusR von Glaser Nr 10, and on 11 February 1805, he received permission to live in one of the king`s houses in Skierniwice, southwest of Warsaw, halfway to Lodz. On 20 May 1805, he was promoted to GM. In the war of 1806-1807 he was with Blücher`s corps on the retreat but was cut off, lost many men and was forced to capitulate at Wismar on 5 November 1806 to Dupont`s division of Bernadotte`s corps . He could not be exchanged due to the lack of captured French generals. He was placed on half pay on 27 March 1809. In 1813 he again volunteered for field service but his health forbade it; he retired on 1 December 1813 and died on 15 November 1824 in Lomnitz, Kreis Rosenberg in Oberschlesien, southwest of Breslau (now Wroclaw).

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