Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Uttenhoven, Johann Adam Siegmund von

Uttenhoven, Johann Adam Siegmund von (1010)

Born on 8 February 1741 in Obersteinach near Meiningen in the Saxon Duchies. His father, Johann Christian, was  Kammerrat (chamberlain) to the duke of Sachsen - Meiningen. He entered Prussian military service on 12 January 1755 as Gfkpl  in the IR Graf Wied Nr 41. In the Seven Years War he fought at the battles of Prague, Kolin, Kunersdorf (where he was wounded), Liegnitz and Torgau, the clashes of Reichenbach, Holitsch, Crenow and the sieges of Breslau, Olmütz and Dresden. On 22 October 1757he was promoted Frch, and on 12 May 1759, was commissioned as Sklt. On 29 May 1762, he was promoted Prlt, and on 19 January 1773, was promoted Stkpt, in what was now IR von Lossow Nr 41. On 24 December 1773, he was promoted Kpt and Kiech. He served in the war with Austria in 1778 - 1779 in the Netherlands and was in the clash at Amstelveen. In the war with France of 1792 - 1795 he fought at Valmy, the battle of  Pirmasens, the storm of Bitsch fortress in Lorraine and the clashes of Kettricher Hof, Burweiler, Roth, Ruppertsberg, the Schänzel (here he was badly wounded in the head and shoulders and taken prisoner); he was later exchanged. On 30 July 1793, he was given command of his regiment, now the IR von Schladen Nr 41, and on 25 January 1794, was promoted Obst. On 1 June 1799, he was awarded the PLM, and on 8 July 1799, was appointed commandant of Wülzburg (location unidentified). On 1 July 1800, he was promoted GM, and on 1 November 1802, was appointed commandant of the Plassenburg fortress at Kulmbach; an impregnable work north of Nürnberg. On 25 November 1806, he surrendered the Plassenburg to a regiment of the Bavarian General Mezzanelli`s 2nd Division. The fortress was in good condition and well stocked with supplies for three months and had ample stocks of ammunition. His garrison consisted of 629 invalides and 24 gunners with 26 guns and 7 howitzers. Really, von Uttenhoven was unfit for service following his severe wounding on 13 July 1794; he died on 11 July 1809 in Kulmbach.


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