Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Wobeser, Karl Georg Friedrich von

Wobeser, Karl Georg Friedrich von (1048)

Born on 17 February 1750 in Bellin, Kreis Königsberg in der Neumark; his father, Bogislav, was a retired Sklt who had served in the Drag R von Werdeck Nr 7 and was Herr auf Bellin, Gossnow and Voitsdorf. Karl entered Prussian military service in 1756 as Gfkpl in the Drag R von Alvensleben Nr 3. On 10 June 1769, he was promoted to Frch, and on 20 August 1770, was commissioned as Sklt. From 1770 to 1744, he took part in the occupation of Poland, and on 17 May 1772, was appointed ADC to GM von Lossow. On 19 September 1778, he was appointed QM Lt and Brigade Major in the staff of the cavalry. In the War of the Bavarian Succession against Austria in 1778 - 1779 he fought in the clash at Möckern. On 31 January 1787, he was promoted to Maj, and on 16 September 1790, was appointed ChEs in the Drag R von Borcke Nr 7. From 1794 to 1795, he fought in the war in Poland, including the clash at Petrikau. On 11 January 1795, he was promoted to Obstlt, and on 23 January 1797, was given command of Kür R Nr 11 (Leib-Karabinier-R). On 20 May 1798, he was promoted to Obst, and on 24 January 1803, was appointed Chef of the newly raised Drag R Nr 14. On 20 May 1803, he was promoted to GM, and on 28 May 1805, was awarded the PLM. In the war of 1806 he fought at Weimar on 14 October, covering the Prussian withdrawal over the River Webicht and then crossed the Elbe at Arneburg to join Blücher on 24 October. He was captured at the capitulation of Ratkau on 7 November 1806. On  2 November 1807, he was placed on half pay, and resigned as GL on 8 May 1809. On 1 June 1813, he was given command of a LW Division, and on 15 July, was appointed commander of the Westpreuss.LW Corps of 8 battalions, 3 squadrons and a FAB. On 18 July 1813, his corps was attached to Graf Tauentzien`s IV Corps; they fought at Gross-Beeren, Dennewitz, the blockade and storm of Wittenberg, the clash at Luckau and the siege of Torgau. He received the EK II for Gross-Beeren on 8 September; the EK I on 15 September for Dennewitz, and the RAO III on 11 January 1814. After Dennewitz he pursued the enemy and defeated their rearguard at Dahme. He was also awarded the Russian OStA I and the Swedish Order of the Sword. On 3 March 1814, he was appointed GOC of a Reserve Corps in Westfalia, and on 5 May 1815, was appointed commander of the corps occupying the new Polish provinces. He retired on 3 October 1815 and died in Berlin on 23 April 1821. Wobeser was one of the best Prussian cavalry commanders of his day.


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