Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Zandt, Ferdinand Karl Freiherr von

Zandt, Ferdinand Karl Freiherr von (1250)

Born on 15 September 1783 in Düsseldorf (then Bavarian territory); his father, Joseph Nepomuk, was a lieutenant in the service of Kurpfalz-Bayern. On 4 February 1802, he entered Bavarian military service as Estandartenjunker in the Kurfürst ChLR (which later became the 4. ChLR). On 5 September 1803, he was promoted Ult. In the war of 1806/7 he fought against the Prussians in the sieges of Glatz and of Schweidnitz (now Swidnica, Poland), where, on 16 November 1806, he received five sabre wounds whilst on outpost duty. He was also at the capture of Wartha, the clashes of Königswalde, Kanth (now Kathy Wroclawski, near Wroclaw) and Fürstenstein. On 5 March 1807, he was awarded the French LdH Ch. In April 1807 he was attached to Prince Jerome Bonaparte`s staff. When Jerome became king of Westphalia in 1807, he took von Zandt into his service. On 26 September 1807, he was awarded the Bavarian MJO Ch for his actions at the siege of Glatz (now Klodzko, Poland).  He was a brilliant cavalry officer and repeatedly distinguished in the campaign. In 1810 he was a major in the 1. HusR; in 1812, he was promoted to Obst and given command of his regiment, which went into Russia as part of the VIII Corps. The hussars fought at Valutina Gora, Borodino (where they suffered heavy losses) before melting away to almost nothing in the retreat. In 1813 von Zandt was promoted GdB and honorary Master of Horse to King Jerome. He was in action around Göttingen and was ordered back to Kassel, where he arrived on 30 September 1813. On 1 October, the kingdom of Westfalia was dissolved when the Russian General Tchernitcheff took Kassel. On 26 June 1815, von Zandt entered Prussian service as GM, attached to GM von Dobschütz, Prussian GOC of the Rhineland. As the war was now over, he was given no specific post, so he resigned from Prussian service and returned to that of Bavaria, where he had to start out as a lieutenant. He was then was promoted to Rittmeister a la suite of the army. On 3 June 1816, he was appointed Insp Gen of the Bavarian Military Studfarm ( Gestütswesen ).   On 20 June 1817 he retired, and died on 26 September 1826 in Düsseldorf aged, only 43.


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