Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Zielinski, Karl Heinrich von

Zielinski, Karl Heinrich von (1197)

Born on 6 November 1772 in Schwentainen, Kreis Oletzko (now Olecko, Poland, southwest of Kaunus); his father, Johann Siegmund, was a landowner in Schwentainen. He entered Prussian military service on 7 July 1785 as a cadet in Stolp, and on 15 May 1788, he transferred to the Berlin cadet school. On 9 April 1791, he was appointed Frch in the IR von Woldeck Nr 41, and on 8 November 1792, he was commissioned as Sklt. He  fought in the war against France (1792 – 1795) at Valmy, Ruppertsberg, am Schänzel; in the battle of Kaiserslautern and at the siege of Landau. On 29 July 1794, he was awarded the PLM for his acations at Edinghofen (Schänzel). On 2 March 1802, he was promoted to Prlt, and on 20 March 1804, he was appointed QMLt and Stkpt on the staff with a salary of Thlr 800 p.a. On 20 October 1805, he was promoted to Kpt. In the war of 1806 he was on the Duke of Brunswick`s staff and was wounded in the head and captured at Auerstädt and exchanged in 1807. The effects of his head wound troubled him throughout the rest of his life. On 21 September 1807, he was promoted to Maj. On 26 December 1808, he was attached to General von Yorck`s staff, then on 3 April 1810, he was appointed to command of the fusilier battalion of 1. Silesian IR with the salary of a major. On 8 June 1810, he was given command of the fusilier battalion of the 2.East Prussian IR; On 23 March 1811, he was appointed to command the 1. East Prussian IR, and on 24 May 1811, was appointed commander of light troops in the  West Prussian Brigade. On 8 July 1811, his salary was 208 Thaler and 8 Grosschen per month. On 15 July 1812, he was given command of the Leib-IR. He took part in the invasion of Russia in 1812; fought at Gräfenthal on 29 September. On 14 March 1813, he was promoted to Obstlt, and on 26 March was appointed commander of a brigade in Yorck`s I Corps. On 25 June 1813, he was promoted Obst, and on 14 August 1813, was appointed Chief of Staff, I Corps. He fought with distinction at Gross-Görschen, Bautzen, Königswartha (awarded the EK II),Weissig, the Katzbach (won the EK I), Wartenburg and Leipzig. On 8 December 1813 he was promoted to GM. In 1814 he was in action at Brienne, La Rothiere, Vauchamps, Etoges, Craonne. On 23 March 1815, he was appointed to von Yorck`s V Corps, and on 24 September 1815, was appointed GOC of 11. Bde in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) where he died on 7 March 1817.


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