Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Corbin-Wierbitzky, Gottlob Georg Karl Ludwig von

By: Digby Smith

Corbin-Wierbitzky, Gottlob Georg Karl Ludwig von

Born on the 12 November 1756 in Perleberg, south of Rostock on the Baltic coast. His father was Gen. Georg Ludwig. He entered Prussian military service in 1770 as Estandartenjunker, Kür R von Manstein Nr 7; on 22 September 1772 he was promoted to Kornett and on 11 May 1778 to Sklt. He served in the War of the Bavarian Succession in 1778/9 and fought in the war in the Netherlands in 1787. On 17 September 1787 he was awarded the PLM for the capture of the redoubt at Uitermeer. On 19 April 1791 he was promoted to Strtmstr (supernumary), in the HusR von Groeling Nr 6, `….wegen seines in den niederlaendischern Campagne gezeigten Wohlverhaltens.` (due to his good conduct, shown in the campaign in the Netherlands). On 2 July 1791 he was granted an extraordinary pay rise of Thlr 300 until his promotion to Rittmeister took place, which occurred on 9 May 1792, when he was also given command of a squadron, in the HusR von Wolffradt Nr 6. On 20 December 1792 he was promoted to Maj. In the war against France 1792 – 1795 he was very distingished in the clash at Hochheim on 6 January 1793. On 24 May 1803 he was promoted to Obstlt; His report in this year read:`Zeigt im Dienst noch fortwährend leidenschaftlichen Eifer und Tätigkeit. Nur zu bedauern, dass sein aufbrausendes Natur ihn gar zu oft zu sehr widersinnigen Handlungen verleitet.` (He shows continued passionate energy and activity in his duties. It is to be regretted that his ebullient nature all to often leads him into performing stupid acts. ).

On 25 May 1805 he was promoted to Obst, but on 27 August 1805 he was sentenced to one year`s fortress arrest in Glogau, probably for duelling. On 26 September 1805, in view of the threat of a forthcoming war with France, he was released from prison: `…da Mobilmachung beschlossen und er ein Offizier ist, dem man die Gerechtigkeit eines vorzüglich brauchbaren Offiziers im Felde wiederfahren lassen muss, seines Arrestes während der Mobilmachung entlassen.` (as mobilization has been ordered and he is a very useful officer in the field, he is released from arrest during mobilization).

On 24 March 1806 he was sent back into arrest in Glatz and 10 April 1806 he was transferred to Cosel fortress, but was released at the time of mobilisation. In the 1806 campaign he fought in the actions at Löcknitz, Nordhausen and on the Passarge River.

On 30 September 1806 he was transferred to HusR von Köhler Nr 7. On 30 January 1807 he was appointed to command the 1. Hus Bde and on 18 July of that year he was promoted to GM. On 17 December 1807 he was placed on half pay but was still on active service. In the Wars of Liberation he had no command in the Prussian army and was allowed to seek a post in Russian service but had no luck here either. He retired on 1 July 1813 with a pension of Thlr 1,000 p.a. On 31 July 1815 his pension was increased by Thlr 100; he died on 4 January 1817 in Kienwerder, Kreis Templin, outside Potsdam. 


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