Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Ende, Friedrich Albrecht Gotthilf Freiherr von

By: Digby Smith

Ende, Friedrich Albrecht Gotthilf Freiherr von (1242)

Born on 15 February 1765 in Celle, in the Electorate of Hanover; his father, Gotthilf Dietrich, was Herr auf Monzig near Meissen, Saxony and was a minister of state for Britain and the Electorate of Hanover. In 1776 he entered Hanoverian military service as a cadet in the Hanoverian IR Prinz Friedrich. On 24 April 1778 he was commissioned and transferred to DragR von Estorff as a Kornett. On 27 April 1782 he became a Lt, in the 8. KavR. In 1790 he transferred as a major to Belgian service in the Insurrektionsarmee fighting against the Austrians. On 17 February 1792 he returned to Hanoverian cavalry service as Rtmstr and Oberadjutant. In the war against France 1792-1794 he fought at Valenciennes, Dunkirk and the storm of Frankfurt / Main. On 14 December 1792 he was awarded the Prussian PLM and the Militär. Verdienst-Orden for his actions in that storm. On 15 November 1798 he was promoted to Maj in the 4. KavR; on 4 July 1802 he applied to the Prussian king for a position in his army, but was refused. On 20 September 1803, when the French overran Hanover, he applied again and transferred to Prussian service as a supernumary Maj, in KürR Nr 13 (Garde du Corps). He was the youngest major in the Prussian cavalry. On 28 February 1804 his salary was Thlr 500 p.a. On 20 December 1804 he transferred to DragR König von Bayern Nr 1. On 27 February 1806 he was appointed ChEs. In the war of 1806/7 his regiment was destroyed and on 16 April 1808 he resigned from Prussian service and became Hofmarschall (Marshal of the Court) to Grossfürstin Maria Pavlovna in Weimar. When the Wars of Liberation broke out in 1813, he again volunteered for Prussian service and was given a post on Blücher`s staff as a major. On 10 July 1813 he was promoted to Obstlt; he fought in the clashes at Goldberg, Königswartha, Haynau and Möckern (in April). On 16 August1813 he was transferred to the HQ of Bernadotte`s Army of the North. On 6 September 1813 he was transferred again, to the HQ of the Russian GdI Graf von Langeron. He fought in the battles of the Katzbach (EK II) , Leipzig, Laon and Paris and was awarded the EK I, the Russian OStA I with diamonds, OStG IV and OV IV. On 8 December 1813 he was promoted to Obst and on 6 May 1814 he was attached to the staff of General von Yorck. On 1 December 1814 he was granted the pay of a brigade commander. On 31 March 1815 he was appointed commandant of Köln; on 2 October 1815 he was promoted to GM. On 23 November 1815 he also took over responsibility of Insp Gen of the LW in Köln until 22 January 1820. On 16 January 1822 he was granted permitted to wear the Commander`s Cross, Hanoverian Order of the Guelfen. On 18 January 1824 he was awarded the RAO III; on 13 June 1825 he retired as GL. On 21 September 1825 he was awarded the Dienstkreuz; he died on 4 October 1829 in Berlin.


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