Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Esebeck, Karl Christian Burghard von

By: Digby Smith

Esebeck, Karl Christian Burghard von

Born on 25 April 1745 in Zweibrücken, western Germany; his father, Hans Asmus, was Geheimer Rat (Privy Councillor) and Staatsminister (Minister of State). In 1760 he enetered Prussian military service, being commissioned as Estandartenjunker, in the Leibkür R Nr 3; on 18 June 1760 he was promoted to Kornett. He served in the Seven Years` War at the battles of Torgau, Freiberg and  the clash at Langensalza. On 18 June 1764 he was promoted to Lt and on 25 June 1765 to Strtmstr. On 25 December 1778 he was promoted to Rtmstr and Kiech. In the war of 1778 - 1779 he served against Austria. On 3 September 1786 he was promoted to Maj. From 1792 - 1794 he served in the war against France in the battles of Kaiserslautern and Trippstadt. On 23 January 1793 he was promoted to Obstlt. On 11 December 1793 he was awarded the PLM for his action at Kaiserslautern. On 22 January 1794 he became commander of the Leibkür R Nr 3. On 1 August 1794 he went into hospital in Mainz suffering from typhus until 16 August, when he was posted to the regimental depot. On 21 January 1795 he was promoted to Obst. On 12 May 1803 he was appointed Chef, Drag R von Busch Nr 8. On 20 May of that year, he was promoted to GM. In the war of 1806 - 1807 he performed very well, fighting at Preussisch-Eylau and in the clashes at Braunsberg and Jesau. On 6 July 1808 he retired; he died on 23 November 1809 in Berlin.


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