Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Gaudi, Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold, Freiherr von

By: Digby Smith

Gaudi, Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold, Freiherr von (1216)

Born on 28 April 1765 in Dothen, Kreis Heiligenbeil, now Mamonovo, southwest of Kaliningrad. His father, Karl Friedrich Ludwig, was Herr auf Genslack und Höfehaus, Kreis Wehlau and a Prussian Geheimer Regierungsrat (Privy Coucillor) and Kammerdirektor (Director of the Chamber) in Bromberg (now Bydgoszcz in Poland). His father`s military career extended to reaching the rank of Prlt, in the IR von Tettenborn Nr 11. In 1779, the young von Gaudi entered Prussian military service as Gfkpl, IR von Gaudi Nr 44, his uncle`s regiment. His uncle, Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst, was a general and a famous military author. On 3 April 1783 he was commissioned as Frch; on 31 May 1787, promoted to Sklt. On 5 May 1790 he was appointed ADC to General von Pirch. On 16 September 1791 he transferred to IR von Romberg Nr10. In the war against the French from 1792 – 1795 he fought at Valmy, the battles of Pirmasens and Kaiserslautern and the siege of Mainz. On 31 January 1793 he was promoted to Prlt and transferred to IR von Kleist Nr 12. He was also ADC to that general. On 9 July 1793 he was awarded the PLM for leading the storm on the Zahlbacher redoubt during the siege of Mainz. On 17 July 1794 he was promoted to Kpt and transferred to the army staff. On 5 March 1795, he accompanied General von Kleist as his ADC to the Infantry Inspectorate in the Mark. On 2 November 1799 he was promoted to Maj and made Kiech, in the IR von Zenge Nr 21. On 14 June 1800 he was appointed to command Gren Bn 24/35. In the war of 1806/7 he fought at Jena then withdrew with Blücher`s force to be cornered at Lübeck. He surrendered in the capitulation of Ratkau on 7 November. On 4 October 1808 he was appointed to command the 2. Brandenburg IR. On 25 November 1808 he was appointed to command a Silesian Reserve Battalion. On 17 February 1809 he became CO,1. Silesian IR. On 7 April 1809 he was appointed governor to the Crown Prince of Prussia; on the 29 May of this year his salary was set at Thlr 2,500 p.a. On 31 May 1809 he was promoted to Obstlt. On 18 January 1810 he wasa awarded the RAO III. On 8 February 1812 he was promoted to Obst and on 25 June 1813 to GM. On 29 July 1813 his salary was Thlr 3,000 p.a. He fought at the battles of Gross-Görschen and Bautzen. On 4 August 1813 he was appointed Military Governor of Silesia. On 3 October 1813 he was awarded the EK II. On 3 June 1814 he was appointed GOC all the forces and fortresses in Silesia. On 31 August 1814 he was sent on a special mission to the Kurfürst of Hessen-Kassel, with the aim of hastening the recreation of the army of that small state. He stayed there for two months. On 17 September 1814 he was awarded a rise in salary of Thlr 1,200 p.a.


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