Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Grawert, Julius August Reinhold von

By: Digby Smith

Grawert, Julius August Reinhold von (32/955)

Born on 28 December 1746 in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad); died on18 September 1821 in Oberthalheim. Grawert came from a modest background; in 1778 he was adjudant to Herzog Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Braunschweig and they became friends.  

He entered Prussian military service on 1 May 1759 as Gfkpl, IR von Tauentzien Nr 31. In the Seven Years War he fought in the battles of Kay and Kunersdorf and was at the siege of Schweidnitz. He was captured on 1 October 1761 at the fall of Schweidnitz and held by the Austrians until 1763. On 29 April 1763 he was commissioned as Frch; on 11 June 1765 he was promoted to Sklt and on 12 September 1769 to Prlt. On 21 July 1778 he was promoted to Stkapt. He took part in the war against Austria in 1778 - 1779. On 3 September 1780 he was promoted to Kapt and Kiech and on 5 September 1783 he was promoted to Maj and transferred to IR Graf von Anhalt Nr 43. On 1 June 1787 he was appointed commander of a Grenadier Battalion. On 12 February 1788 he was appointed Kdr of a battalion in the IR Herzog von Braunschweig Nr 21. On 3 July 1788 he was made Amtshauptmann (steward) zu Wetter in der Graftschaft Mark. On 27 May 1789 he was awarded the PLM. On 3 May 1790 he was appointed GMQLt in the general staff with a salary of 2,000 Thlr. On 11 October 1790 he was promoted to Obstlt.  On 7 April 1791 he was sent to survey the Pommeranian coast  and recommend defensive measures. In the 1792 - 1794 war against France he was at Valmy, the capture of Frankfurt/Main, the clash at Hochheim and the battles of Pirmasens and Kaiserslautern. On 28 January 1793 he was promoted to Obst and sent on sick leave.

On 12 September 1797 he was appointed Chef of IR Graf von Hertzberg Nr 47. On 28 May 1798 he was promoted to GM. On 5 November 1799 he was appointed GInsp of the infantry and the Mineurskorps in Oberschlesien and Amtshauptmann of Preussisch - Eylau.

On 16 August 1800 he was awarded the RAO. On 5 November 1804 he was appointed governor of Glatz. On 20 May 1805 he was promoted to GL. On 30 October 1805 he was appointed to command Prussian forces in Silesia between Cosel and Neustadt. On 14 October 1806 he was wounded in the battle of Jena commanding the right wing under Hohenlohe, captured in the capitulation of Erfurt (16 October) and placed on the inactive service list. On 11 November 1806 he was released to go to Bad Landeck. On 1 August 1807 he was appointed GOC and governor of Silesia. On 9 September 1810 he was awarded the HOSA Ch. On 24 March 1812 he was promoted to GdI and given command of the Prussian contingent mobilised for the invasion of Russia. He fell sick in early August and had to return to Prussia, handing over to von Yorck. Von Grawert then went into retirement in Landeck, Silesia (now Ladek Zdroj), on full pay, until his death on 21 December 1825.

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