Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Jagow, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Ludwig von

By: Digby Smith

Jagow, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Ludwig von (1273)

Born on 8 September 1771 in Wolfshagen, Kreis West-Prignitz, northwest of Berlin; he was brother to Ludwig Friedrich. On 6 November 1785 he entered Prussian military service as Gfkpl, IR Prinz von Preussen Nr 18. On 31 May 1787 he was promoted to Frch; on 2 July 1789 to Sklt and on 10 January 1798 to Prlt. On 27 July 1802 he was promoted to Stkpt, in the Regiment des Königs Nr 18. On 13 August 1804 he went with Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Preussen to Prague to attend the grand Austrian manoeuvers. On 26 September 1805 he was appointed ADC to General von Arnim. In the war of 1806/7 he fought at Auerstädt with distinction and was captured at the capitulation of Prenzlau. On 19 June 1807 he was promoted to Maj and commander of the 2. Bn, Garde zu Fuss. On 28 December 1809 he was appointed CO of the Garde-Jägerbataillon and Silesian Schützenbataillon, as stand-in for Obst von Witzleben. On 10 March 1813 he was appointed CO, 10. Bde, II Corps. In the Wars of Liberation he fought with distinction at Gross-Görschen (where he was wounded and won the EK II), Bautzen, Dresden, Kulm, Nollendorf and Leipzig (where he won the EK I) and took part in the blockade of Erfurt. On 4 June 1813 he was promoted to Obstlt and commander of a brigade in von Kleist`s II Corps. On 5 September 1813 he was promoted to Obst and on 8 December 1813 to GM.

In 1814 he fought at Riems, Avesnes, Compiegne, Nautiel (for this action he was awarded the Russian OStG IV) and Paris and on 31 Mar 1814 was appointed commandant of the city. On 1 April 1814 he handed over this command to Graf von der Goltz. On 5 April 1814 he was appointed GOC, 12.Bde, II Corps. On 31 May 1814 he was awarded the RAO III. On 18 January 1815 he was appointed temporary GOC of the province of Berg until 23 March, when he took command of a brigade in I Corps. He fought at Ligny and Waterloo. On 24 September 1815 he was appointed GOC, 3. Brigade, I Corps.

On 2 October 1815 he was awarded the PLM with oakleaves and RAO II and on 27 October of that year, he received a gift of Thlr 2,000 from the king. On 10 December 1816 he was permitted to wear the Russian OStA I. On 30 March 1818 he was promoted to GL and on 5 September of that year, was appointed GOC 8. Division. On 5 May 1821, he became GOC, IV Corps. In 1825 he was awarded the Dienstkreuz (Service Cross). On 4 September 1825 he was awarded the RAO I.

On 21 April 1827 he was appointed Domherr (canon) in Brandenburg an der Havel. On 30 March 1832 he was promoted to GdI and on 30 June 1832 he became Chef of IR Nr 26. On 14 September 1833 he was awarded the HOSA Ch. On 28 September 1834 he married. On 6 November 1835 he celebrated his fiftieth year in service. On 12 March 1836 he retired with a pension of Thlr 6,250 p.a. On 3 October 1857 he was permitted to wear the uniform of the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuss. He died on 2 Dec 1857 in Berlin. 


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