Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Katzler, Andreas Georg, Freiherr von

By: Digby Smith

Katzler, Andreas Georg, Freiherr von (1219)

Born on 26 January 1764 in Grimminghausen, Kreis Altena; his father, Georg Ludolf, was a retired major from the Kür R Prinz von Preussen Nr 2. Entered Prussian military service in 1778 as Junker, in HusR von Belling Nr 8 and served with distinction in the War of the Bavarian Succession in 1778/9. He modelled himself on his regimental Chef and fought in the clashes at Zwickau and Gabel. 4 January 1780 – promoted to Kornett; 10 April 1784 – promoted to Sklt in the HusR von der Schulenburg Nr 8. In the war against France from 1793-1794 he fought at the battle of Kaiserslautern and the clashes at Schwalm, Hasnon, Coutiche, Weidenthal, Kirrweiler and Edesheim. 23 August 1793 – awarded the PLM on Blücher`s recommendation. 7 September 1793 – promoted to Prlt; 29 May 1794 – promoted to Strtmstr; 24 February 1798 – promoted to Rtmstr and Kiech. 24 August 1799 – transferred to HusR von Schulz Nr 3 against his own wishes; 28 May 1805 – promoted to Maj. In the war of 1806/7 he fought with great distinction withhis regiment (now `von Plötz`) at Waren on 1 November 1806 under Yorck and was captured in the capitulation of Ratkau. On 4 October 1808 he was appointed CO of the Oberschlesischen HusR. When the king asked von Yorck whom should command the newly-raised regiment of Ulans, Yorck suggested von Katzler saying:`Ich habe ihn nur bei eine Gelegenheit gesehen, bei Waren, aber er beisst an, solche Männer brauchen Euer Majestaet.` (I have only had one opportunity to see him (in action), at Waren, but he bites and Your Majesty needs such men.). On  5 December 1808 he was appointed CO of the 2. UlanenR.10 March 1809, he was transferred to be CO, 1. (Westpreussischen) UlanenR. On 14 March 1813 he was promoted to Obstlt. In the 1813/1814 campaigns he commanded the Avantgarde of von Yorck`s I Corps and fought at Gross-Görschen (where he won the OV III and EKII), Bautzen, Möckern, the Katzbach (where he won the EK I), Leipzig (on 16 October, where he was badly wounded), and the clashes of Borna, Reichenbach, Haynau, Löwenberg, Bünzlau, Hochkirch, Bischofswerda and Wartenburg. On 25 June 1813 he was promoted Oberst and on 8 December of the same year, to GM, although he did not leave his regiment until 19 January 1814.  On 28 August von Katzler reported to Yorck and Blücher: `Der Feind flieht so schnell, dass es mir nicht möglich ist,ihn mit den ermüdetenPferden meiner Kavallerie einzuholen. Er hat heute früh um 6 Uhr Haynau verlassen und ist gestern früh von 9 Uhr bis abends um 10 Uhr in der grössten Unordnung geflohen. Er hat bei Haynau die Brücke über die Schnelle Deichsel abgeworfen, indessen habe ich dem hiesigen Magistrat aufgegeben, für die aller schleunigsten Wiederherstellung Sorge zu tragen.` (`The enemy is fleeing so fast, that I cannot catch them with my exhausted horses. `They left Haynau at 0600 hours this morning and have been retreating in the greatest disorder from 0900 hours yesterday until 2200 hours. `They have dismantled the bridge at Haynau, over the Schnelle Deichsel and I have ordered the local magistrate to have it repaired as soon as possible.`) In 1814 he was repeatedly distinguished at the battles of Laon and Paris and the clashes of La Chaussee, Chalons, Chateau-Thierry, Montmirail, Mery and Claye. On 24 April 1814, he was permitted to wear the Swedish Order of the Sword. On 23 May 1815, he was appointed GOC of the Reserve Cavalry of IV Corps; they did not come into action after that date. On 13 July 1815, he was appointed GOC of a brigade in IV Corps. On 3 October 1815 he received a gift of Thlr 2,000. On 30 March 1818, he was promoted to GL and on 3 Apr 1820 he was appointed commandant of Danzig and GOC, 2. Division. Von Katzler etired on 13 June 1825; he died on 12 July 1834 in Wittenfelde, Kreis Elbing.


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