Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Klüx, Johann Friedrich Karl

By: Digby Smith

Klüx, Johann Friedrich Karl (1189) MG. Commander, 9th Brigade, II Corps in 1813.

Born on 13 August 1774 in Halle on the Saale; died on 11 July 1816 while taking the waters in Teplitz. Klüx entered Prussian military service on 1 March 1788 as Gfkpl in the IR Herzog von Braunschweig Nr 21; on 21 January 1790 he was promoted to Frch; on 8 May 1790 he was commissioned Sklt in IR Kronprinz Nr 18. On 12 August 1799 he was promoted to Prlt and on 16 December 1800 to Stkapt on the army staff and appointed Insp Adj to GL von Grävenitz in the Infantry Inspectorate. On 25 July 1803 he was promoted to Kapt; on 25 October 1805 he was appointed Adj in the Reserve Corps in Mark Brandenburg. On 22 February 1806 he was transferred to the king`s suite. In the war of 1806 - 1807 he was distinguished at Auerstädt. On 22 November 1806 he was promoted to Maj and on 22 December he was appointed Brig Maj in the reserve bns in Königsberg. On 5 February 1807 he was appointed Fl Adj of the Infantry. After the battle of Preussisch-Eylau he escorted the French Gen Bertrand (Napoleon`s emissary) to King Friedrich Wilhelm III in Memel. Klüx then took the king`s account of this meeting to the Russian commander, Gen Bennigsen. Klüx stayed at the Russian HQ at the king`s request until April 1807; despite all his efforts, he had not been able to create a close relation with Bennigsen. On 1 September 1807 he was awarded the PLM and on 5 May 1808 he was awarded the Russian OStV IV. On 30 August 1808 he was appointed commander of Kosel fortress. On 19 April 1809 he was attached to support Obst Graf Götzen, who was very sick, in his efforts to reform the Prussian army. On 8 February 1810 he was promoted to Obst Lt; on 13 February 1810 he was appointed temporary brigade commander in Oberschlesien. On 3 August 1811 he was awarded the RAO III and on 11 September 1811 he received a gift of Thr 1,000 from the king. On 8 August 1812 he was promoted to Obst; on 18 March 1813 he was appointed GOC of a brigade in Kleist`s II Corps. His promotion to GM took place on 25 June 1813. During 1813 - 1814 Klüx fought at Gross-Görschen (where he won the EK II for holding the village against repeated French assaults); Dresden – where he covered Kleist`s withdrawal; Kulm (where he won the EK I). Klüx was now already seriously ill, but continued on duty; he fought at the battle of Leipzig. On 31 May 1814 he was awarded the RAO II with oakleaves and on 29 April 1815 he was appointed GOC of a brigade in Tauentzien`s VI Corps.


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