Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Kropff, Theodor Leopold Heinrich von

By: Digby Smith

Kropff, Theodor Leopold Heinrich von (1070)

Born on the ? May 1738, his father Karl Friedrich, was a retired Obst from the IR Nr 26. Theodor entered Brunswick military service in  1754 as a Junker. He then transferred to Prussian service in  1757 as Gfrkpl, IR Prinz von Preussen Nr 18. He served in the Seven Years` War at the battles of Prague, Breslau (where he was wounded), Zorndorf, Hochkirch and Torgau. Also fought at the siege of Prague and the clash at Boitzenburg. On 7 January 1758 he was promoted to Frch and on 8 September 1758 to Sklt . On 29 July 1762 he was promoted to Prlt and on 2 March 1776 to Stkpt. On 30 April 1778 he was promoted to Kapt and Kiech. Kropff served in the war with Austria in 1778/9 and on 30 March 1788 was promoted to Maj.

On 25 April 1788, he was appointed commander of a Grenadier Battalion. In 1790 his unit marched to Silesia. On 17 June 1795 he was appointed commander of IR von Grävenitz Nr 45 and on 7 January 1796 he was promoted to Obstlt. Promotion to Obst followed on 7 June 1798. On 20 May 1805 he was promoted to GM. On 16 July 1805 Kropff was appointed Chef of IR von Oldenburg Nr 31. On 16 February 1807 he was placed on the inactive list through the surrender of Schweidnitz on that day to Vandamme and the Württemberg division. He was the senior officer present at that time; the commandant was Oberstlt von Haacke. On 20 November 1809 he was ordered to be court-martialled for this surrender and on 24 December 1810 he was sentenced to two years` fortress arrest in Colberg. He was released on 24 September 1812 due to ill health. On 31 May 1814 King Friedrich Wilhelm pardoned all those officers who had been punished for their conduct in the 1806/7 war and on 8 September 1814 he ordered  that von Kropff was to be paid a secret pension of Thlr 350 per month until his death . Von Kropff died on 8 December 1819.

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