Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Lindner, Karl Christian Reinhold von

By: Digby Smith

Lindner, Karl Christian Reinhold von (1046)

Born in 1742 in Ostpreussen. On 4 November 1767, he became a Kondukteur (senior NCO) in the Prussian corps of engineers; on 2 March 1770, he was promoted to Sklt and on 29 November 1772, he was ennobled. He was employed in the improvement and expansion of the Silesian fortresses for Frederick the Great. On 3 September 1773, he was promoted to Kpt and appointed Ingeneuropffizier vom Platz (Chief of Engineers) in Breslau fortress. On 21 March 1775, he was sent to Schweidnitz fortress, where, on 25 June 1787, he was promoted to Maj. On 10 May 1789, he was appointed Sous-Brigadier (Deputy Commander) of all engineers in Silesia. From 1792 to 1795, he served in the war against France, at Valmy and the sieges of Mainz, Verdun and Landau. On 19 June 1793, he was awarded the PLM for his work at the siege of Mainz. On 23 July 1793, he was promoted to Obstlt;

and on 9 February 1795, to Obst. On 20 May 1803, he was promoted to GM and on 20 November 1804, he was appointed Brigadier of Engineers for the fortresses of Glogau, Breslau, Schweidnitz and Brieg. In the war of 1806 - 1807 he was in Breslau and was captured there on 6 January 1807 when the under-garrisoned fortress surrendered. He was considered to have been partially responsible for the loss of the place and on 31 March 1808, General von Gräwert was instructed to preside over his court martial. He was found guilty of having allowed himself needlessly to have been caught up in Breslau, of having neglected his duties prior to the arrival of Jerome Bonaparte`s IX Corps before the place, of having suggested the surrender of the place and of having uttered and written treacherous things. On 19 March 1811 he was sentenced to be cashiered, to lose his PLM and to be imprisoned for life. He was pardoned on 31 May 1814 and died on 15 May 1828 in Glatz.

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