Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Lützow, Johann Adolf von

By: Digby Smith

Lützow, Johann Adolf von (1134)

Born on 19 May 1748 in Naumburg and der Saale, in the Saxon duchies; his father, Marquard Georg, was Herr auf  Schwechow and a senior cup bearer to the court in Sachsen-Weissenfels. Johann entered Prussian military service in 1762 as Gfkpl, IR von Ramin Nr 25; on 5 July 1763, he was promoted to Frch and on 3 October 1765, he was commissioned as Sklt. On 2 February 1771, he was appointed ADC to GL von Ramin in the Infantry Inspectorate in Berlin and on 2 February 1773, he was promoted to Prlt. On 5 August 1778, he was promoted to Stkpt. Von Lützow was a deep tactical thinker who submitted several papers on the subject to Fredrick the Great. In the War of the Bavarian Succession (1778-9) he fought in the clashes at Kallenberg, Leopold and Kraliwahota and in the retreat from Trautenbach. On 24 May 1782, he was promoted to Kpt and Kiech, and on 15 July 1790, to Maj. On 17 March 1793, he was given command of a grenadier battalion. On 3 September 1794, he was set the task of revising the stocking of the various magazines in Silesia. In 1796 he was tasked with examining new methods of providing the army with bread in the field. On 24 July 1798, he was promoted to Obstlt; on 1 June 1799, he was appointed to command Gren Bn 19/25 and on 21 October 1799, given command of IR von Möllendorf Nr 25. On 7 July 1800, he was promoted to Obst. On 22 May 1801, he was awarded the PLM. On 24 October 1803, he was nominated to be a member of a commission to examine new muskets and rifles; the reports were submitted before the war of 1806 broke out but were not acted upon before hostilities began. On 18 March 1806, he was appointed commandant of Berlin with a salary of Thlr 600 p.a. and allowances of Thlr1,400. On 26 August 1806, he handed over command of Berlin to General von Laurens in order to take the field. On 14 October, he was wounded in action at Auerstädt in command of a brigade in the Prince of Orange`s division. He was captured at the capitulation of Prenzlau on 28 Oct. Exchanged on 1 August 1807, he was appointed a member of the Generalkommission in Berlin and commandant of the Kurmark. He conducted negotiations with the French governor of Berlin on the matters of the exchanges of PWs. On 12 November 1808, the French evacuated Berlin and von Lützow took over chairmanship of the tribunal investigating the conduct of officers of the disbanded regiments from the Mark and the supervision of the unemployed officers. The French General St-Hilaire forbade him to conduct any tribunals in the French-occupied zone of Prussia. When the king appointed Major Graf Chasot to be governor of Berlin, Lützow felt slighted and protested against the decision; to placate him, he was promoted on 10 December 1808 to GM. Suffering badly from rheumatism, he retired on 20 January 1813 with a pension of Thlr 1,200 p.a. He died in Stargard, Pomerania on 6 November 1818.


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