Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Marwitz, Otto Sigismund Albrecht Alexander von der

By: Digby Smith

Marwitz, Otto Sigismund Albrecht Alexander von der (1055)

Born on 7 November 1746 in Diersdorf, Kreis Teltow, just south of Berlin. His father was Otto Christian Adolf, a retired captain from the Kür R Markgraf Friedrich Nr 5. On 19 September 1758, young v. d. Marwitz became a page in the court of the king of Prussia. On 2 July 1763, he entered military service as Gfkpl in the 1. Bn Garde Nr 15a. On 4 February 1766, he was commissioned Frch, and on 25 January 1763, he was promoted to Sklt. He served in the war with Austria in 1778 – 1779, and on 19 July 1780, was promoted to Prlt. On 10 August 1786 he was promoted to Stkpt. On 27 January 1787, he was promoted to Maj, but only on 30 June 1792, was he appointed Kiech. From 1793 – 1795, he served in the war with France; at the sieges of Mainz and Landau and the clash at Trippstadt. On 8 January 1795, he was promoted to Obstlt and on the following 20 February, appointed Stabsoffizier in the 1. Bn Garde. On 24 May 1798, he was promoted to Obst and on 26 Feb 1799, was given command of IR von Stockhausen Nr 37.

On 17 February 1802, he was appointed to command Glogau fortress with allowances of Thlr 1,200 p.a. On 18 June 1803, he was promoted to GM. He surrendered the fortress to the Württembergers on 2 December 1806 having put up no real resistance. For this he was court martialled and on 28 October 1808, was sentenced to be cashiered and to be imprisoned for ten years in Glatz fortress. He was pardoned on 13 May 1814, and given a pension of Thlr 25 per month. He died in Glatz on 16 June 1819.


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