Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Pelet, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich von

By: Digby Smith

Pelet, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich von (1036)

Born on 24 April 1745 in Glaubitten, Kreis Rastenburg, East Prussia, he was the younger brother of Karl Gerhardt. On 22 April 1757, he graduated from Königsberg university and on 1 March 1762, was appointed Fahnenjunker in  DragR Bayreuth Nr 5. He served in the Seven Years` War at the clashes of Ratiborgitz in Bohemia, Gross-Jägersdorf and the siege of Schweidnitz. On 3 June 1772, he was commissioned as a Frch and on 28 May 1763, promoted to Sklt. On  26 September 1766, he was appointed Gen Adj to General von Bülow; on 1 May 1771, he left his regiment but remained Gen Adj. On 11 June 1773, he was promoted to Stkpt and appointed Inspektions-Adjutant. From 1778 – 1779, he served in the war with Austria and on 30 January 1783, he was promoted to Kpt and ChEs in Drag R Bayreuth Nr 5. On 3 June 1785 he was promoted to Maj and on  4 June 1792 Obstlt. On 9 December 1792, he was appointed to command Drag R Ansbach-Bayreuth Nr 5. He served in the war against France from 1792 - 1795 at Valmy, the battle of Kaiserslautern, the clashes of Frankenthal, Hochheim and Türkheim, the sieges of Verdun, and Landau. On 22 October 1792, he was awarded the PLM, probably for Verdun where his regiment took 3 guns and 2 colours. On 1 April 1793, he also received a gift of Thlr 1,200 for his services at Verdun. On 19 Jan 1794, he was promoted to Obst and on 20 May 1801 promoted to GM. 11 May 1803 he was appointed Chef of Drag R König von Bayern Nr 1. On 12 November 1806, he was captured with four squadrons of his regiment at Boizenburg by Gen Drouot`s division. On 10 August 1807, he was placed on half pay; he died on 11 Januaary 182? in Goddetow, Kreis Lauenburg in Pomerania. From 1807 until his death he lived in poverty.


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