Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Plötz, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm von

Plötz, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm von (1170)

Born on 15 Mar 1745 in Stuchow, Kreis Kammin (now Stuchowo, near Kamien, in northern Poland), brother to Franz Heinrich Christian. Christian Friedrich entered Prussian military service in 1759 as Gfkpl, IR von Diringshofen Nr 24. During the Seven Years` War he fought at the battles of Liegnitz, Torgau, Freiberg, the River Mulde crossing and the siege of Dresden. On 19 February 1760, he was promoted to Frch, and on 6 May 1763, to Sklt. On 15 December 1771, he was promoted to Prlt, and on 13 March 1774, was appointed ADC to the West Prussian Infantry Inspectorate. In the war of the Bavarian Succession in 1778/9 he fought in the clash at Neustadt. On 9 September 1781, he was promoted to Stkpt in the IR Prinz Leopold von Braunschweig Nr 24. On 20 January 1783, he was promoted to Kpt and Kiech of a grenadier company; and on 20 October 1790, was promoted to Maj and given command of a battalion of IR Kronprinz Nr 18. On 24 August 1797, his seniority was back-dated to 1798. On 20 May 1798, he was promoted to Obstlt; and on 20 May 1800, to Obst. On 22 May 1801, he was awarded the PLM. In the war of 1806 he fought well at Auerstädt where his regiment distinguished itself and suffered heavy losses. In 1807 was placed on the inactive list until 4 January 1811 when he was promoted to GM. On 27 March 1813, he was attached to the staff of General Graf von Tauentzien in Stargard, Pomerania. On 23 June 1813, he was appointed GOC of the Pomeranian Landwehr division, and appointed commander of the blockade of Stettin where he commanded 16 battalions, 4 squadrons and 24 field guns, a total of 14,600 men at the start, but many men were later detached to reinforce the field army. On 21 November 1813 the French General Grandjean capitulated with 257 officers and 7,280 men of the garrison, including 1,400 Dutchmen of the 124e Ligne who were at once released and sent home. For his efforts here, he was awarded the EK II on 4 December 1813. Von Plötz was appointed commandant of Stettin. Although the terms of the capitulation stipulated that the French were to be allowed to return to France, Friedrich Wilhelm III ordered that the commissaries among them were to be interned as they had behaved unworthily during the siege. Von Plötz retired on 20 August 1814 as GL with a pension of Thlr1,000 p.a. He died on 6 September 1816 in Stuchowo. He was a very competent staff officer and a close companion to King Friedrich Wilhelm III.


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