Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Preussen, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich August, Prinz von

Preussen, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich August, Prinz von (1129)

Commander, 12th Brigade, II Corps.

Born on 19 September 1779 in Friedrichsfelde near Berlin, son of Prinz August Ferdinand von Preussen; died on 19 July 1843 in Bromberg (now Bydgoszcz), northeast of Thorn on the River Vistula (Wisla) in Poland. On 18 August 1786, he was awarded the HOSA Ch. Prinz August entered military service on 14 August 1797 as Kapt in the IR Alt-Larisch Nr 26. On 13 May 1800, he was promoted to Maj and on 7 May 1803, he was transferred to IR von Arnim Nr 13 as commander of the Grenadier Bn 1 / 13. On 5 October 1805, he was promoted to Obst Lt. In 1806, he fought at Jena; was wounded and was captured at Prenzlau on 28 Oct. His battalion was the rearguard and got cut off and withdrew to the north to cross the River Ucker at Nieden. They were caught up against a swamp by 8 French battalions and a force of cavalry. After repelling seven cavalry charges in square, they were shot with canister, scattered and mostly captured. On 11 November 1807, he was promoted to GM and on 8 August 1808, was appointed Insp Gen of Artillery (although he had absolutely no knowledge of the subject!) and Chef of the East Prussian Artillery Regiment; Scharnhorst gave him a `crash course`in ballistics and artillery organization. In 1809 Prince August was one of those who urged the king to join Austria against Napoleon and he circulated a pamphlet among officers forcing his case. The king was furious when GM von Stutterheim told him what was going on. On 18 August 1809, August was appointed GOC of the troops in Frankfurt / Oder, and on 14 March 1813, he was promoted to GL. He fought at Gross-Görschen (where he earned the EK II), and on 16 August was appointed GOC of 12th Bde. He fought at Dresden and was very distinguished at Kulm where he dismounted and took the colour of the wavering 2nd Silesian IR Nr 11 and led them in a bayonet charge. He also fought at Leipzig, where - at Probstheida on 18 October - he led his brigade in a charge which took 15 guns. The king presented hin with one of them, an 8 pdr called `Le Drole; the prince set it up before Bellevue palace in Berlin. In 1814, he fought at Vauchamps, Champaubert and the sieges of the fortresses in northern France. On 30 May 1814, he was promoted to GoI, and on 30 June 1815, he was appointed GOC, II Corps. On 29 April 1816, he was appointed CO of a Saxon LW Gren Bn. On 10 December 1816, he was awarded the Russian OStG II. On 3 April 1820, he was appointed Insp Gen and Chef of the artillery. On 12 December 1837, he was awarded the Russian OStS GC. On 4 December 1842, he was awarded the Hohenzollern House Order Ch.


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