Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Rauch, Johann Bonaventura von

Rauch, Johann Bonaventura von (1091)

Born on the 25 Jul 1740 in Peterskirchen, Bavaria. His father was a teacher. In 1756, he became a page at the court of the Duke of Brunswick and in 1761, he entered the Brunswick engineer corps. From 1761/2, he fought in the Seven Years` War against France, at the sieges of Kassel (where he was wounded), Meppen and Ziegenhain. On 7 August 1764, he was appointed Kondukteur (senior NCO) in the engineers; on 13 September 1766, he was commissioned as a Lt. On 15 August 1772, he was promoted to Kpt. On 27 July 1777, he transferred to Prussian military service, being commissioned on 4 August 1777 as Stkpt in the Mineurkorps in Königsberg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad). He fought in the war with Austria in 1778/9 and on 21 July 1779 – returned to Königsberg to instruct young officers in engineering techniques. On 9 March 1788, he was transferred to the Ingenieur Akademie in Potsdam, and on 18 July 1788, was promoted to Maj. On 3 February 1791, he was ordered to survey the Glatz mountain chain. On 15 June 1792, he was appointed Captain of Guides for the coming war with France. He fought in the sieges of Longwy and Verdun. On 15 January 1796, he was promoted to Obstlt, and on 31 December 1796, was appointed Director of the Ingenieur-Akademie in Potsdam. On  22 July 1799, he was transferred to the 2.Ingenieur Brigade; at some point in 1799, he was promoted to Obst, and on 20 May 1806, to GM. In the 1806 campaign he was deputy commandant of Stettin which capitulated to 800 French hussars of Lasalle`s brigade on 29 October. As the garrison numbered 5,300 with adequate supplies, 281 guns and the defences were in good condition, there was a court of inquiry and court martials. Von Rauch was sacked on 1 December 1806 and on 17 March 1809 was sentenced to life imprisonment in Spandau fortress. Later he was allowed to serve his sentence in Spandau town. On 12 December 1809 he was granted a pension of Thlr 400 p.a.- half of the usual sum. He died on 9 February 1814 in Spandau. 

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