Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Reitzenstein, Heinrich August Friedrich, Freiherr von

Reitzenstein, Heinrich August Friedrich, Freiherr von (1050)

Born on 21 February 1747 in Schwarzenstein, Bayreuth and was brother to Christoph Ludwig Rudolf. In 1757, he became a page to the Markgraf von Ansbach, and in 1760, he entered the service of the Markgraf as Junker in his infantry regiment. On 11 December 1767, he transferred to Prussian service as Sklt in the Bn de Rosiere Nr 50. On 4 April 1770, he  transferred to the Drag R Bayreuth Nr 5 as supernumary Prlt, and on 3 December 1772, was taken into the regiment proper. From 1778 to 1779, he fought in the war with Austria, serving at the clash at Zuckmantel. On 4 June 1781, he was promoted to Stkpt, and on 20 February 1787, to Maj. On 14 April 1788, he was appointed ChEs. He fought in the war with France from 1792 – 1795, and was at Valmy, fought in the battle of Kaiserslautern (awarded the PLM), and the clashes of Weissenburg, Hochheim and Bockenheim. On 13 January 1795, he was promoted to Obstlt and on 9 May 1797 was appointed to command the Kür R Nr 10 (the Gens d`armes). He was a very strict regimental commander. On 25 May 1798 he was promoted to Obst, and on 20 May 1803, to GM. On 3 December 1804, he was appointed Chef of Kür R von Borstell Nr 7. On 29 January 1805, he was appointed Amtsmann (steward) of Körlin. In the war of 1806 he fought in the Prussian centre at Auerstädt; was very badly wounded in the charge at Hassenhausen and had his horse shot from under him. He was then captured in the capitulation of Magdeburg on 11 November 1806. He was placed on the inactive list and on half pay in 1807, and retired on 20 January 1813, but then reactivated as Insp Gen of the Landwehr in Vorpommern province. He retired again on 18 February 1814 and died on 28 April 1823 in Berlin.


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