Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Roche-Aymon, La; Karl Anton Stephan Paul, Graf von

Roche-Aymon, La; Karl Anton Stephan Paul, Graf von (1174)

Born on 28 February 1772 in Paris, his father, Charles, was a French Marquis. In 1784, he entered French military service in the Garde-francaise, but in 1789, due to the excesses of the French Revolution, he emigrated and took service in Naples. In 1792 he left Naples and moved up to the allied army in Koblenz in the Electorate of Trier, a great centre for emigres. In 1794, he went to Hamburg. On 1 November 1794, he was appointed Lt and CO of the Husaren-Kommando of Prinz Heinrich von Preussen in Rheinsberg, north of Berlin. On 20 December 1797, he was promoted to Strtmstr and on 2 March 1801, to Rtmstr. On 9 August 1802, he was promoted to Maj. On 23 August 1802, following the death of Prinz Heinrich, he transferred to HusR von Göcking Nr 2 as a supernumary officer, with a salary of Thlr 500 p.a.. On 11 October 1803, he received a rise in salary of Thlr 300. On 18 August 1806, he was appointed ChEs in the HusR von Prittwitz Nr 5, and on 23 November 1806, was promoted to command the 2nd Bn, HusR Nr 5. In the war of 1806/7 he fought at Preussisch-Eylau (7 February 1807) and Braunsberg (26 February 1807), in East Prussia. On 24 February 1807, he was awarded the PLM. On 5 May 1808, he was awarded the Russian OV IV and on 10 August 1808, was promoted to Obstlt. On  20 December 1808, he was appointed to command the 2. Leibhusaren-Regiment. Napoleon twice demanded that he return to France and enter his service but La Roche-Aymon refused. On 3 November 1809, he was promoted to Obst, and on 16 February 1810, he was given command of the West Prussian Light Brigade. On 5 April 1811,  Napoleon forced King Friedrich Wilhelm III to send La Roche-Aymon into retirement as GM with a pension of Thlr 600 p.a. On 24 July 1811, La Roche Amon was awarded the RAO III. He was ordered back to France and placed under police surviellance. At the end of 1812 he received permission to return to Prussia; here he applied for Prussian citizenship but events overtook the process. Von Yorck described him as `well read and extremely active` He wrote a handbook for light cavalry duties and a paper on the defence of infantry against cavalry. After the first restoration of Louis XVIII he returned to France in August 1814 and was granted the title of Marquis, the rank of GL, made a peer of France and Inspector General of Cavalry. He died on 16 May 1849 in Paris.

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