Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Roquette, Hans Stephan von

Roquette, Hans Stephan von (1052)

Hans was born on 21 June 1740 in Berlin as the son of a tobacco merchant. On 1 May 1758, he entered Prussian military service as a volunteer in the engineers, and on 20 October of that year, was commissioned as Frch in the Drag R von Schorlemer Nr 6. In the Seven Years` War he fought at the battles of Kay (23 July 1759) and Kunersdorf (12 August 1759), the clash at Strehlen and the siege of Küstrin. On 27 February 1761, he was promoted to Sklt, and on 31 May 1769, to Prlt in the Drag R von Meier Nr 6. He served in the war with Austria in 1778 - 1779. On 10 June 1781, he was promoted to St kpt. On 9 October 1787, he was ennobled. On 8 April 1788, he was promoted to Maj and Kiech, in the Drag R von Werther Nr 6. On 9 September 1793, he was appointed to command the 2.Bn of his regiment. In the war in Poland in 1794 - 1795 he fought in the clash on the River Narew. After the war he wrote a new cavalry tactical manual for which he received a gift of 100 Friedrich dor. On 7 December 1794, he was awarded the PLM, and on 8 January 1796, was promoted to Obstlt. On 20 May 1798, he was promoted to Obst, and on 20 May 1803, he was promoted to GM. On 30 December 1803, he was appointed Chef of the newly raised Drag R Nr 13. He did well in the war of 1806 - 1807 in the defence of Danzig including the clash at Marienwerder, and on 3 July 1807, was awarded the RAO. From 28 Jul 1807 he was charged with managing the exchange of PWs and took over French prisoners returning from Russia at Bialystock.  On 25 November 1810, he was promoted to GL, but the state was so poor that he received no pay rise. He worked in the general staff and proposed many changes to the training of cavalry recruits. On 15 July 1811 he was sentenced to two months` arrest in Spandau citadel for acting as his brother`s second (his brother was Maj von Unruh, of the 1st West Prussian Dragoons) in a duel with Obst von Platen. On 20 January 1813, he retired with a pension of Thlr 1,500 p.a. On 6 May 1813, he was re-activated as GOC, 3. Silesian LW Division. He died on 10 July 1813.


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