Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815: Sanitz, Karl Wilhelm von

Sanitz, Karl Wilhelm von (993)

Born on 11 January 1747 in Braunfels, Kreis Friedeberg in der Neumark. His father was a retired captain from the IR von Manstein Nr 4. On 12 May 1762, he entered Prussian military service as Gfkpl in the IR vonTauentzien Nr 31 and served in the Seven Years War. On 17 May 1763, he was promoted to Frch, and on 11 July 1765, was commissioned as Sklt. On 25 November 1770, he was promoted to Prlt; he served in the war of 1778 - 1779 with Austria. On 2 August 1780, he was promoted to Stkpt, and on 4 September 1780, toKpt and Kiech. On 26 June 1785, he was promoted to Maj in the IR von Hohenlohe Nr 32 and given command of the Gren Bn von Dobschütz. On 8 June 1792, he was promoted to Obstl, and on 12 December 1792, appointed to command the Gren Bn in IR von Hohenlohe Nr 32. From 1792 to 1795, he served in the war with France at Valmy, the battle of Kaiserslautern and the clashes of Alsheim (for which he was awarded the PLM), Eschweiler, Zweibrücken, Diedesheim, St Martin, the siegees of Verdun and Königstein. On 23 January 1794, he was promoted to Obst and on 26 February 1799, he was appointed commander of  IR von Hohenlohe Nr 32. On 2 October 1799, he was appointed Chef of IR von Steensen Nr 50, and on 20 May 1800, was promoted to GM. In the war of 1806 with France, he fell from his horse in the clash at Heiligenholz (?) and was captured. He was held in France until 1809. In 1813, he was appointed commander of a division of Silesian Landwehr in that campaign. He retired on 12 August 1815 and died on 4 August 1821 in Glogau.


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