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Burnham, Robert
Wasn't That a Party! Saint Patrick's Day 1813

The winter of 1813 saw the British army stationed along the Portuguese - Spanish waiting for the coming of the next campaign. The 88th Infantry Regiment was an Irish Regiment known as the Connaught Rangers. The regimental officers celebrated their "founding" day on 17 March, which is Saint Patrick's Day; Saint Patrick being the patron saint of Ireland.

Dawson, Paul
Memoires: Fact or Fiction?

How reliable are memoirs and other primary source accounts?

de Groot, Bas
The Memoirs of Adriaan Frans Meijer, Lieutenant-General in the Army of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 1786-1841, over the years 1808 -- 1812

The first English transcription of his memoirs.

From the Memoirs of Jan-Willem van Wetering. The Year 1809.

The memoirs of a Dutch grenadier.

Elmer, Bob
The Sword is Longer than the Pen

In Waterloo - New Perspectives, David Hamilton-Williams writes about Napoléon's Lancers: "Able to impale a standing or mounted enemy by the force of his forward impetus, he could also make stabbing thrusts at men crouching or lying flat on the ground, something virtually impossible for sword- or sabre-armed cavalry." Was this really impossible?

Glover, Gareth
The Art of Alexander Cavalie Mercer

Campaign sketches by the famous British artillery officer. These illustrations have never been published before!

Howard, Alan J.
In the Bivouac Close to the Gates of Paris

A letter from Lieutenant James Howard, 8 July 1815. Published in "The Empire, Toronto," 28 April 1888, as follows...

Koch, Johannes C. H.
The Autobiography of J.C.F. Koch

Translated by Marc Geerdink-Schaftenaar

Johannes Koch was a Duch soldier who enlisted in 1803 as a private and would retire 45 years later as a lieutenant colonel. He served in the armies of the Batavian Republic, the Kingdom of Holland, the French Empire, and the Netherlands, from 1803 to 1848. He saw action in Germany, the Peninsula, at Waterloo, and the War of Belgian Secession.


Perk, Albertus
The Diary of Albertus Perk and the Siege of Naarden: 1813-1814
Translated and edited by Bas de Groot

The diary of an 18 year-old Dutch man who was called up to serve in the Dutch Landstorm during the turbulent days of late 1813 and early 1814.

Roorda van Eysinga, P.P.
Waterloo Memoir of P.P. Roorda van Eysinga

Translated and edited by Marc Geerdink-Schaftenaar

The diary of a young officer in the Dutch 19th National Militia Infantry Battalion during the Waterloo Campaign.

Sewell, Max
The Truth About Napoleonic Memoires

There are numerous memoires from the Napoleonic era. Many people who had close association with the Emperor seem to have kept notes or journals and later converted them to memoires, either by their own hand or with the help of a ghostwriter.

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