French Generals

Generals Who Served in the French Army during the Period 1789 - 1814: Urre de Molans to Urtubie de Rogicourt

By: Tony Broughton

The ranks Marechal de Camp and Lieutenant-General were used prior to the Revolution and ceased being used by the Decree of 21 February 1793 being replaced by the ranks of General de Brigade and General de  Division.

Urre de Molans (Joseph Francois Jean Baptiste d’)

Urtubie (Louis Jean Charles d’)

Born: 17 March 1730
Died: 17 December 1808

Urtubie de Rogicourt (Theodore Bernard Simon Durtubise dit d’)

Born: 17 August 1741
Colonel: 22 August 1791
General de Brigade: 20 May 1795
Member of the Legion d’Honneur: 25 March 1804
Died: 22 February 1807


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