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The Acts, Orders in Council, &c. of Great Britain [on Trade], 1793 - 1812

Lord Grenville to Mr. King.

Downing Street, March 22, 1799.

The undersigned, Secretary of State of His Britannic Majesty, has received His Majesty's commands to acquaint Mr. King, minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, that the King, judging it expedient to avail himself of the superiority of his naval forces for the defence of his dominions, has signified his commands to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to cause the most rigorous blockade to be established at the entrance of all the ports of Holland, which will be maintained and enforced in the strictest manner, according to the usages of war acknowledged and observed in similar cases.

Mr. King is therefore requested to apprize the American consuls and merchants residing in England that the above-mentioned ports of the United Provinces are, and must be considered as being in a state of blockade, and that from this time no neutral vessel can be suffered to enter them, upon any consideration, or under any pretence whatsoever; and that all the measures authorized by the law of nations and the respective treaties between His Majesty and the different neutral Powers will henceforth be adopted and executed with respect to vessels destined for the said ports, or such as shall attempt to enter them after this notice.


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