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The Acts, Orders in Council, &c. of Great Britain [on Trade], 1793 - 1812

Instructions to the commanders of our ships of war and privateers.  Given at our court at Windsor, the 11th day of April, 1808, in the forty-eighth year of our reign.


Our will and pleasure is, that you do not interrupt any neutral vessel laden with lumber and provisions, and going to any of our colonies, island, or settlements, in the West Indies or South America, to whomsoever the property may appear to belong, and notwithstanding such vessel may not have regular clearances and documents on board; and in case any vessel shall be met with, and being on her due course to the alleged port of destination, an endorsement shall be made on one or more of the principal papers of such vessels, specifying the destination alleged, and the place where the vessel was so visited. And in case any vessel so laden shall arrive and deliver her cargo at any of our colonies, island, or settlements aforesaid, such vessel shall be permitted to receive her freight, and to depart, either in ballast, or with any goods that may be legally exported in such vessel, and to proceed to any unblockaded port, notwithstanding the present hostilities, or any future hostilities which may take place; and a passport for such vessel shall be granted to the vessel by the governor, or other person having the chief civil command of such colony, island, or settlement.

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