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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Extract of a letter from General Armstrong [the U.S. ambassador in Paris] to the Secretary of State, dated Paris, April 23, 1808.

Orders were given on the 17th instant, and received yesterday at the imperial custom-house here, "to seize all American vessels now in the ports of France, or which may come into them hereafter."

April 25, 1808.

Postscript.I have this moment received the following explanation of the above-mentioned order, viz: That it directs the seizure of vessels coming into ports of France after its own date, "because no vessel of the United States can now navigate the seas, without infracting a law of the said States, and thus furnishing a presumption that they do so on British account, or in British connection."

[The above extracts contain the only authentic information received at the Department of State, relative to the Bayonne decree.]


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