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Order from the Minister of General Police to the Theatres of Paris

November 17, 1799

This document reflects the need of the new Consulate to both try to influence popular opinion in various ways, including in the popular theaters of Paris, and to appear above the factions which had, in the public mind, lead to disorder and disunity.

Order from the minister of general police to the theatres of Paris, November 17, 1799.

In the succession of parties which have by turns disposed of the supreme power, the theatre has often resounded with unprovoked insults on the conquered, and base flattery towards the conquerors. The present government abjures and disdains the resources of faction. It wishes for nothing from these. It will do everything for the republic. Let the sentiments of concord, the maxims of moderation and wisdom, and the language of great and general passions be alone dedicated to the stage. Let nothing that may divide the minds of men, foment their hatred, and prolong melancholy recollections, be tolerated there. Let him be punished who would provoke re-action, or dare to give signal. For re-actions are the fruit of injustice and feebleness in government. They can no longer live among us, since we have a strong, or what is the same, a just government.


The Annual Register, or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1799.
London: Printed by R. Wilks for W. Otridge and Sons, etal. (Publisher varies by year.)
Published for the years 1758-1837 in 80 vols.; illus., maps; 21-23 cm.



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