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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Major General Yermolay Yermolayevich Hamper

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(1750 – December 1814)

Yermolay Yermolayevich Hamper was born to a noble family in Kurland. He enlisted in the Kazan Cuirassier Regiment in February 1766, became a corporal on 19 April 1766 and vakhmistr on 12 January 1768. He fought in the Russo-Turkish war of 1779 and took part in the battles of Larga and Kagul. In August 1770, he was promoted to cornet in the Riga Carabineer  Regiment. In 1771, he fought at Bucharest and Giurgiu and became a lieutenant in December.  In 1773-1774, he participated in actions in Bulgaria, was promoted to captain in October 1773, and transferred to the Smolensk Dragoon Regiment in November 1773. Three years later he was stationed in the Kuban Valley and then in Poland in 1779-1782. In 1783, he served in Crimea and was promoted to second major in January 1786. In 1792-1794, he took part in the Polish Campaign and was awarded a golden cross for the assault on Praga.He distinguished himself at Matsevich on 10 October and received the rank of major. In October 1795, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and in November, was awarded the Order of St. George (4th Class). In June 1798, he was promoted to colonel and to major general in March 1800. He retired in August 1800, but returned to active service in March 1801 and was appointed commander of the Smolensk Dragoon Regiment. In November 1806 he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir (4th Class) for 40 years of service. He was dispatched to Moldavia in 1807 and fought at Ismail in March of that year. In 1808, he commanded the Reserve Corps, and the next year he took part in capture of Ismail. He distinguished himself at Silistra in 1810 and received the Order of St. Anna (1st Class). He fought at Shumla and Derekoy and was awarded a golden sword with inscription “For Courage.” For the battle of Baton (7 September 1811), he received the Order of St. Anna (1st Class) with diamonds. He captured Silistra and Tutrukan in late October 1811 and was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir (2nd Class). In 1813, Hamper became chairman of the Field Inspectorate and died in December 1814.

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