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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: General Sergei Mikhailovich Kamensky

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(17 November 1771 Ė 20 December 1834, Orel)

Sergei Mikhailovich Kamensky was born to a prominent Russian family; son of Field Marshal Mikhail Kamenski and brother of Nikolay Kamenski. He studied at the Cadetís School and was enlisted as a cornet in the Nizhegorod Carabineer Regiment on 17 February 1774. In 1777, he was transferred as an ensign to the Life Guard Preobrazhensk Regiment (19 April) and, on 16 May 1789, he was became a lieutenant colonel of the Ekaterinoslavl Grenadier Regiment. He participated in the Russo-Turkish War in 1789 and fought at Maximeni and Galati. Next year, he briefly served again before returning to the Danube Valley. In 1792-1794, he served against the Polish confederates and fought at Shekochin, Pesochna, Matsevichy, and† was wounded in the stomach at Praga. On 19 May 1794, he was given command of the 3rd Battalion of the Ekaterinoslavl Jager Corps and was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir (4th Class) and a golden cross for assault on Praga. On 12 January 1797, Kamensky was promoted to colonel and, on 25 March 1798 he was already a major general and shef of Polotsk Musketeers Regiment. Yet he was soon disgraced by Paul I and discharged from the army on 14 June 1798. He returned to service in April 1801 and was appointed shef of the Phanagoria Grenadier Regiment on 31 August 1801. He participated in the 1805 Campaign and fought in Langeronís column at Austerlitz (where he was awarded the Order of St. Anna, 1st Class) . On 27 June 1806, he was promoted to lieutenant general and given command of the 12th Division. He joined the Army of Moldavia and participated in the 1807-1809 Campaigns against the Turks. He distinguished himself at Braila [awarded Order of St. Anna (1st Class) with diamonds] and took part in actions at Constanta, Babadag, and Varna. In late 1809, he commanded a corps at Girsov. In 1810, he served under his younger brother, General Nikolai Kamensky, and distinguished himself in the battle at Bazardjik, for which he was promoted to general of infantry (26 June 1810). He failed to support his brotherís operations at Shumla in July, but defeated the Turkish army there on 4 August 1810 and was awarded the Order of St. George (2nd Class) on 3 December 1810. He commanded the Russian left wing in the battle of Batin on 7 September 1810. In 1812, Kamensky commanded the 3rd Corps of the 3rd Reserve Observational Army of General Alexander Tormasov and took part in the battles of Kobryn and Gorodechna. However, he had a conflict with Tormasov and took a prolonged furlough in late 1812. He was discharged from army on 18 March 1822 and spent the rest of his life at Orel.

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