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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Lieutenant General Grigory Ivanovich Lisanevich

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(17 January 1756 – 25 February 1832)


Lieutenant General Grigory Lisanevich

Grigory Ivanovich Lisanevich was born to a noble family in Polotsk gubernia. He joined the Elizavetgrad Pikemen (Pikinernii) Regiment in 1771 and fought the Turks at Silistra and Küçük Kaynarca. In 1775, he became aide-de-camp with a rank of sub lieutenant and participated in campaign against the Crimea Tatars in 1777-1778 and 1782. In 1787, Lisanevich was transferred to Elizavetgrad Horse Jager Regiment and fought at Ochakov (1788) and Akkerman (1789). In 1792-1794, he fought in Poland, served as staff officer to General Ferzen and distinguished himself at Matsevitsy. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1798, and to colonel on 13 September 1799. In 1802, Lisanevich was given command of a battalion of the Elizavetgrad Hussar Regiment. In 22 July 1803 – 24 December 1807, he commanded the Elizavetgrad Hussar Regiment. He participated in the 1805 Campaign and distinguished himself at Austerlitz. In 1807, Lisanevich fought at Eylau, on the Passarga River, at Heilsberg, and Friedland. For his actions, he was promoted to major general (24 December 1807) and appointed shef of the Chuguev Cossack (Uhlan) Regiment on 18 January 1808. In 1809, Lisanevich commanded this regiment in the campaign against the Turks. He fought at Braila, Babadag, Girsov and Constanta, and the battle of Rassevat (16 September). During the siege of Silistra, Lisanevich commanded the Russian rear guard and covered the withdrawal of the Russian army across the Danube. In 1810, he fought at Bazardjik, Shumla, Giurgiu, and Ruse. In 1811, Lisanevich was given command of the 2nd Cavalry Brigade of the 7th Cavalry Division and fought in Little Wallachia. In 1812, he served in the 23th Brigade of the 7th Cavalry Division of the 4th Corps of the Army of Danube. He fought the French and Austrian troops at Volkovisk and throughout the Belostock region. In 1813, he served in the left wing of the Russian army under Miloradovich. He fought at Glogau, Lutzen, and Bautzen. Lisanevich then was transferred to the main reserve and later dispatched to cover Prague. He joined the main forces after the battle of Kulm and fought at Pirna (8 September), Freiburg (21 October), and Wachau.  At Leipzig, Lisanevich was attached to Count Pahlen’s Division and distinguished himself on the left flank. In 1814, he led advance guard of Count Pahlen and fought in a series of actions in France, including at Brienne (29 January), Nogent (10 February), Trois (23-24 February), Bar-sur-Aube (26-27 February), Laubressel (3-4 March), and La Fere Champenoise (25 March). Once at Paris, Lisanevich was attached to 2nd Independent Corps of Count O’Rourke and was given command of the 3rd Uhlan Division. He was promoted to lieutenant general on 11 September 1814. In 1815, he took part in Russian army’s march to engage Napoleon, but was then recalled to Russia. After the war, he worked with General Aleksey Arakcheyev on the organization of the military colonies. Lisanevich retired on 5 February 1820 and spent the last years of his life in his estate. He attended Nicholas I's coronation in 1825 and died on 25 February 1832.

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