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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Lieutenant General Paul Pahlen

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(19 July 1775 - 21 February 1834)

Lieutnenant General Paul Pahlen

Lieutnenant General Paul Pahlen

Paul Pahlen was born on 19 July 1775, and died on 21 February 1834. He joined the Life Guard Cavalry Regiment on 12 January 1782, where he served for the next 11 years. In May 1793, he was promoted to major and transferred to the Moscow Carabineer Regiment. In August 1795, he received the rank of lieutenant captain and joined the Life Guard Semyeonovsk Regiment. In 1796, he became lieutenant colonel and was sent to the Nizhegorod Dragoons. He fought in the 1794-95 Campaign in Poland and in 1796 Campaign against Persia. In 1798, he was promoted to colonel and appointed to His Majesty’s Cuirassiers. He participated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812, fighting at Turbat and Obilesti in 1807, and at Girsov and Rassevat in 1809. He captured Mahmut Tiran at Silistra and was awarded a golden sword with the inscription “For Courage.” On 23 March 1810, he was promoted to major general and chief of the Izumsk Hussars. Next year he fought with Kutuzov at Vidin and Ruse. In 1812, he was with Tormasov’s army and participated in several battles, including the crossing of the Berezina. He took part in the 1813-1814 Campaigns in Europe and fought at Bautzen, Leipzig, Laon, Suasson, and Paris, where he was promoted to lieutenant general. His awards included Order of St. George (3rd Class); of St. Anna (1st Class);  St. Vladimir (2nd Class); and of the Red Eagle of Prussia (2nd Class)

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